How are all the Loungers and V&C personnel

in New York? I have friends on Long Island that really got hit hard by the storm, just want to know if everyone is OK?

Hoping for the best,
All is well in Midtown Manhattan and Above
10/31/2012 - 05:17
We were never without power, but most offices are still closed and there are millions without power. There was some trgic loss of life in various areas, but fortunately the damage was mostly limited to things not people. My thoughts and good wishes go out to all of the VC staff and our fellow loungers who may not be able to respond due to lack of power or network connectivity.
Re: All is well in Midtown Manhattan and Above
10/31/2012 - 05:28
Ditto - we've had our fair share of monster storms/hurricanes/floods in Australia in recent years so I can empathise with the destruction and tragedy created.  It seems to be getting more and more common - one in a hundred year events (so called) every couple of years. Thinking of those affected and hoping no members here have been badly affected.
Good to hear you got through it relatively well!
10/31/2012 - 15:20
I'm not there right now, but family is OK, just need to sleep with 2 down comforters.  My house in NJ got through it alright.  No power, but luckily no flooding either!  Our backyard neighbor had a tree fall onto his house and another neighbor nearby that had his car crused by a tree.  A lot of people were outside yesterday (nothing else to do).  Luckily the powerlines that were knocked down didn't cause any bodily injury, and everybody is avoiding that side street. BR, Dan