How does The Hour Lounge Club really looks?

As you understand, bad weather and Doc stressed,

because what to do?

Go to Hour Lounge, of course !

Some of you who hasn't been there, but only in their imaginations.

For you I have pictured the drawing room, where we use to sit and discuss Vacheron&Constantin's,

over a glass of water, Champagne, cognac or a single malt.

Yes a Havanna is OK, between us aficionados.

Just an idea.

How does The Hour Lounge Club really looks?

And after a while we can walk in to the library, please notice Berner, all Antiquorum catalogues and some

watchmagazines, most of the horology books aren't seen at this pic, but as members you know they are thereHow does The Hour Lounge Club really looks?

How does The Hour Lounge Club really looks?


Fantastic Doc thats exactly how I could imagine the Lounge looking
06/27/2007 - 19:56


Of course among the drinks served some red Bordeaux or Burgundy would also be welcome

I'm glad you're having lousy you can spend more time here

chic, charming, luxurious yet warm and welcoming :-)
06/27/2007 - 22:00


Re: How does The Hour Lounge Club really looks?
06/27/2007 - 22:05

Ah Doc, you are really a connoisseur, and your first pic, with this light and sofas makes the Lounge an intimate club where we are happy to meet friends, and I must add, to expect after the time work, to join it.

Of course, your library is not bad either, and it should be wonderful to meet in such an atmosphere...


Dear Anka!
06/27/2007 - 23:15

Of course this chair, LeCourbusier from 1930,

is jus waiting for your small (!) body to relax in

Lay back and read whatever you want!

This is still the one of best !

Don't spill out the glass


Re: Dear Anka!
06/27/2007 - 23:39

Thank you Doc, and I think this chair should fit to me.

The litterature is also of high level.

I must say you are a gentleman, which was confirmed when we met in Paris last time.

I hope to see you soon again, my dear Doc.

All the best, and in the meantime, just enjoy the chair! (for the book, I'm pretty sure you know it by heart!)


Re: How does The Hour Lounge Club really looks?
06/27/2007 - 23:08

Hey!! That's my place!

Just kidding.

But it does look lovely. I'll just have a seat an I wouldn't mind a nice vintage port, Taylor's 1966 if you have it.

Now then, I'm nice and relaxed... lets talk about Vacheron...

Great pics, Doc

Dear JB, forgot
06/27/2007 - 23:45

to show Hour Lounge dining room !

Here you can have a  nice dinner,

for up to ten persons


Thats pure class Doc!
06/28/2007 - 01:00

Thank you for sharing!

And dont stress about the weather, the sun will always comeback and shine on Vacheron Constantin fans!

The way i imagine The Hour Lounge Club is more like this
06/28/2007 - 11:51

A timeless place where good meets evil.

LOL Mercator as long as the Loungers don't look like
06/28/2007 - 12:01

this after they see your photos we should be OK 

Where the h-ll did you get the pic of me and my wife ?
06/28/2007 - 13:39


The Hour Lounge Club
06/28/2007 - 15:50

Thanks for the insight Doc

I never knew that there really is an Hour Lounge wow


Currently the Hour Lounge only exists in....
06/28/2007 - 19:14

Doc's house

Re: Currently the Hour Lounge only exists in....
06/28/2007 - 19:25

LOL Not very awake today

It's nice nevertheless


LOL my friend!
06/29/2007 - 00:20

Tonight after my kids coming home!

One from USA !

Cheers !