How nice could a watch be ... or the owner :-)

My son's friend did this yeasterdayHow nice could a watch be ... or the owner :-)

How nice could a watch be ... or the owner :-)

He found him trying posting this,

and sad NO !......How nice could a watch be ... or the owner :-)

But he is already a coming VC man,

just 28 years old,

so he is excused............


Could this be VC's new add campaign? Vacheron Constantin: Doc's Choice
11/02/2007 - 17:07

looking good Doc...looking good

and congrats to your son's friend.

11/02/2007 - 17:25

perfect marketing montage.


When I see your Regulator, something says me that this watch could be the only VC I could buy in Malte collection (the only collection which is making me dreaming)


Looks like Fred has now have some serious competition.. :-)
11/02/2007 - 18:31

Very powerful, dramatic and even romantic (?) picture...

I agree with Alex, this should be pat of VC's next marketing campain...

Congrats to your son's friend!

Who's the guy on the photo?
11/02/2007 - 20:37

He looks awesome


11/02/2007 - 22:02

It's on the upper floor of the Michelin Building in Milano.....

And it's my daughter who took it a year ago,

must be something wrong with her camera

The hero,



What a beautiful watch.................
11/03/2007 - 03:39

Well done!

Such a nice guy, such a nice watch!
11/03/2007 - 05:12

Doc,  do you remember what I told you when I saw your photo for the first time? That you looked like ...

You asked me if he was a good guy, and I said yes ...