How to obtain a statement

This is my first post on "The Hour Lounge": for first I would do my compliments to this beautiful site and its users: some photos and articles extremely fascinated me!

So, I own a Vacheron 222 (I don't know precise reference...). I would have some informations about it, but Vacheron site speaks just to certificate of autenticity (released only sendind watch to Geneve).

Do you know if is it possible to obtain a statement (an estract) without sending watch?

I hope you a good week-end, Leonardo

Welcome Leonardo, If your watch is the 222 you are a lucky
02/09/2008 - 15:29

man, its definately a cool watch and one that seems quite popular here on the Lounge.

You have two choices: either you can call the boutique in Geneva and with the case and movement numbers they can tell you when it was made or if you want a realy extract then the watch has to be sent to Geneva as VC will certify the authenticity of the watch and to do so they need to see it inside and out.

If you have the occasion please post some scans  

Some answer and picture...
02/09/2008 - 18:59

Thanks for informations!

I've bought it a short time ago, especially for his movement and because is the most unusual of the 4 of Gentà. And because it's a Vacheron!

But I have not much informations about its story: years of production, total piece, etc.


Now watch is on service and I have just one photo: when it will return I'll certainly post more!

Seller gives me even some papers, in addition to warranty:


NIIIICCCEE, that's the rare steel model. The cal 1121 was
02/09/2008 - 20:16

made specially for the Big Three who used it in their Genta designed models: AP Royal Oak, Patek Nautilus and VC 222 (launched in the late 70s). The case is monocoque steel and the movement is placed into the case from the top side and the bezzel is screwed on, this results in a rather slim watch with a 120m water resistancy.

The 222 existed mostly in yellow gold and yellos gold and steel, more rarely in steel. 

I wouldn't mind seeing VC come out with a modern reinterpretation of the 222.

For more info use the search function and if you check the Press Corner there is an excellet article in Revolution called A Decade of Evolutionary Brilliance : the Evolution of the Overseas and you will find some background on the history of the 222 whic directly inspired the Overseas models launched in 1996.

As for the number of pieces produced, VC does not disclose them bt considering that in the 70s VC probably didn't make more than 3500 watches you can guess that production was rather low.

As you see in the doc the seller gave you the watch came with a money clip in the same form as the bezzel!!

Would love to see more scans and congrats on a beautiful watch

Wow great watch...
02/09/2008 - 21:44

The 222 is one of my favorite VC's of the past, and I hope to find a nice example some day.  Did the sell still have the box and money clip, if so thats a great find too.  I'm sure you will enjoy this watch.

Best regards and post some more pix when you can.


I'm impressed !
02/11/2008 - 15:49

Wellcome Leonardo, to Hour Lounge.

As Alex told you everything already, about your watch,

there is only one thing I can do,

congratulate you, to a real nice and quite unique pice


That is a nice 222...
02/11/2008 - 18:06

...I am not the biggest fan of the 222, but this steel version is very nice! (I do not like it when the case is a mix between YG/RG and a white metal)