How Often Do You Change Watches In A Day?

Today's wrist shots caused me to think about how often one might change watches in a day.  Sometimes I'll wear two or three different watches, depending on how I feel or what's happening. 

For instance, this week I wore three different VC's in one day: my OS time-only around the house, then the OS chronograph for a trip downtown, and finally the Chronometre Royal for a social function in the evening (no one noticed but I felt good just wearing it).

I view watches the same as shoes or eyeglasses (BTW, does anyone also change their glasses the same way?) - as an accessory to fit the occasion.  How about you?

interesting question! I basically change watches every day but not
03/07/2008 - 19:04

during the same day but I do like the idea of changing watches throughout the day depending on mood and activities.

the only time I change watches in a day is when
03/07/2008 - 19:18

I need to dress differently, for example if I'm wearing a sporty week end watch but need to dress up to go out at night.

I agree that watches have become an accessory... a rather expensive one but still an accessory.

I used to work with a guy who used to change clothes twice a day, he lived next to the office and used to go home at lunch time and change from head to toe!!

Twice a day changing clothes? OMG!
03/08/2008 - 05:10

But then some think I am crazy for changing my watch 2-3 times a day!

Fashionista vs WIS...

Glad you changed....
03/08/2008 - 11:14

the ugly avatar you used to show us.

A warm thank you


don't push your luck (nt)
03/08/2008 - 15:30


His cleaners must love him! ;-> (nt)
03/08/2008 - 14:52


Before I became a WIS,
03/07/2008 - 20:01

I never changed watch, except when dressing for a dinner party or business meeting.

For  twenty years I wore this day after day, the whole year

Now I often changes two - there times a day !

Often one watch to work, and as soon I come home, I change.

Never uses the same watch day after day anymore.

I wrote to our friend 1907, that I had used my DTR the whole week, earlier today, but that's at my work,

three days a week, at home I change, as today to the pocket watch I shown below.

It's a nice feeling, I can't describe it, but ever since I was about twelve years old, I have liked pw's.

Than I got a hard worn Omega pocket, from my Father, which probably once have had some thin gold layer on it.

I still have it!

It's my honest whish that all of you should have at least one pw each!

They are CHEAP, even VC's, and they will be a GOOD investments,

since they relatively now, is cheaper than ever !

I can see in my old auction catalogues, that VC's, PP's and AP's are auctioned for about 50 %,

of what they costed 20-15 years ago. Money for money, so no index, they are though in fact even cheaper.

From the big boys inside the watchworld, I have repeatedly heard that it's in the pw's the future investments are.

Talk about tiny movements seen through a sapphire compared with this,

the inside of the watch I'm now wearing.

Wow, this was a long post, sorry 

Go gor a pocket watch


One per week
03/07/2008 - 23:05

it's an average

It depends how I feel!
03/07/2008 - 23:48

Generally, it is once a week or a fortnight.

But if I have a special event in the meantime, I will change and "adapt" my watch to the event.

I change to a different watch each day.....
03/08/2008 - 01:02

.....almost never wearing the same watch 2 days in a row.

Like many of you, I'll change to a dress watch in the evening for a more formal occasion.  The most special events bring out the classic simplicity of my YG Malte Grande Classique.

I really identified with something Tick-Talk said about no one noticing his Chronometre Royal during the evening but he felt good just wearing it.  Don't we all feel that way?  I must admit I have on some occasions requested my wife, "Ask me what time it is," so I can proudly reveal my timepiece.  She doesn't quite understand my passion, but she indulges it.


Re: How Often Do You Change Watches In A Day?
03/08/2008 - 01:17

I also tend to change watches so that I wear 2 sometimes three per day. It depends on which office I'm in or whether I get home at lunch or whether I'm going out in the evening or working out.

But I've learnt that its useless to try and impress someone (non-WIS) with a watch. Most people are cluless knowing only Rolex and occasionally Patek.

Once someone commented on my VC tourbillon because they had never seen one and it looked a bit bizarre and once I received a really nice complement in an elevator of all places when I was wearing my Lange Datograph (RG).

But that's all folks.

But I'm sure we wear the watches to please ourselves and the occasional WIS that we meet.

I like to rotate my watches and wear them all. I chose them for their beauty, their craftsmanship, their uniqueness their function(s) but never their cost.



Totally agree...
03/08/2008 - 18:39

a real WIS wears watches to please themselves

No watch = no problem LoooL (nt)
03/08/2008 - 21:59