How Similar are our watches?

I'm wondering how similar are the watches we have, whether similar shape but different color/metal etc. I have 2 Overseas, steel chronograph and rose dualtime (le), a rose and white of the same model of another brand. I've seen others have similar looking watches in different metals like A. Lange & Sohne for example. Who else does this conciously or otherwise?     BTW  I'm thinking of another watch  something like  white gold (maybe rose) a silver/white dial (guillechage,sp) on a black or blue strap.                                     

Re: How Similar are our watches?
01/03/2008 - 05:45

I have gone through periods where I bought the same watch in different metals.  At one timje I owned 2 SS Rolex Daytonas, a tutone Daytona, and a wg Daytona on a strap.  Then I traded those I did not wear, the tutone and white gold.  Still I chose similar styles for many years Submariners (tutone then all steel), GMT Masters, Exp 2, etc.  I currently have 3 Daytonas, a SS Zenith based movement, a gold Daytona with Zenith based movement, a newer Daytona with in house movement, as for other similar designs I still have a black dial Explorer 2 and a Green Bezel Anniversary Submariner. 

But now I find myself trying to choose watches that diversify my collection and which either have a very different appearance.  I have a limited edition 38mm Cartier 950 Pasha Chronograph, which looks quite different from my Rolex watches, as it has very distinctive lugs and pushers/crown cover.  Then there are my VCs one is square in shape and the other is asymetrical.  I Think there are times when we are attracted to a particular look or style and its easy to go too far in one direction, but its possible for our tastes and interests to evolve which may cause the watches we seek to own to become more diverse.

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all very different. From vintage to modern, from classical time only
01/03/2008 - 11:35

to zanzy contemporary design (the Urwerk 103.3 is one of my all time favorite watches!)

Like all here I went through different collecting phases with one constant denominator: VC. In the begining I collected only vintage VCs, then I added a 2-3 modern models and it is only very recently that VCs modern designs are attracting me again.

I once owned a RG and platinum Lange 1 because I loved the look of the watch but ended up selling the plat model because it was not getting any wrist time.

As for my collection I find that I'm not really attracted to brands or what is hot in the market and other than VCs I'm mainly attracted to independent watchmakers.

While my collection is currently quite small...
01/06/2008 - 14:20

...I do like to have different styles watches.

While I much prefer white metals, I do plan to add a few RG models in the future (hopefully the HL Triple Date LE)

Having said that, there are a few models that I love so much that if I had a little bit more money, I would like to get in different metals...