How to Spot a Fake / Real Vecharon

I am planning on buying the Patrimony Bi-Retrograde Day & Date.  
The problem is that I am not sure whether I can tell if the watch is real or fake. 

Are there any signs I should look out for when I buy this watch?

There was a plastic film around the watch and the watch felt heavy but other than that, i have no way of knowing if this is a real and new watch.

At the shop,  I noticed that the leather band didn't look very new - sort of used - the band wasnt polished or shiny - the dealer said that it was new and that is the way the leather band is supposed to look like. Is that true?

This brought out another question - how do you know if you are buying a new watch or a pre-owned one?

Any comments or advise would be appreciated.

The Patrimony Bi-Retrograde is a great watch! As to answer your
06/25/2009 - 11:34
question here is some info in how to spot a fake VC click here to see the post. You can also search the forum for photos of the watch and compare to the one you are cosidering. The movement finish is what really makes the difference. As the saying goes you buy the seller more than the watch so you need to feel comfortable with the seller. From what I gather you seem to be buying from a brick and mortar stor? If yes just check the VC web site to see if the seller is an AD if yes then there is nothing to worry about. The strap may look a bit used if the watch has been tried by other clients, you can of course request a brand new strap.
Re: How to Spot a Fake / Real Vecharon
06/25/2009 - 16:20
It is very hard to comment without pictures, but the bands on most (if not all) current VCs are not glossy or shiny (compared to some of Patek's formal watches) and they usually have a matte finish. Personally, I like VCs matte finished straps (compared to the glossy, enamel sheen of Patek) as it sort of tones down the image of the watch.  If it were a watch to be worn only with tuxedos then the high sheen/glossy finish might be good, but on a less formal watch like the Bi-retro, I think a matte finish would be just right. Again, I am only guessing that this is what you meant in your post. As Alex mentioned, check out previous posts and the VC website for photos of the real thing.  It should be easy enough to tell once you see good photos of the backside in particular. Good luck! Kazumi