How to wind your Vacheron Constantin

Ask 10 people how to wind a watch and you might get 15 different answers. So I want to know from the people on this forum answers to the following questions:

1- How many revolutions should you wind your watch when you wind it?
2- How fast should you wind it?
3- Should you wind it about the same time each day?
4- Can you wind it multiple times per day?
5- Can you over-wind a Vacheron Constantin Royal Eagle?

Thank you all in advance
some suggestions
08/27/2010 - 13:38
1- this will depend on the caliber but you feel the resistance of the crown so you know the watchis fully wound 2- at regular speed, you don't need to go too slowly 3- It would be best 4- not necessary and you risk causing more wear  5- no as it is automatic  hope this helps