I am anxiously awaiting for time to stop...

at least according to this watch

so that I can photograph it without all the parts moving!

& I am very excited!                             (click for real picture)

I am anxiously awaiting for time to stop...

Take a sleeping pill
05/07/2007 - 23:02

and wake up tomorrow morning. This watch can't have a power reserve greater than 24-30 hours...

The case looks quite damaged, it's a pity.

By the way, don't forget to not wind it completly when you do next time, just wind it very slowly until the watch just barely starts. Then admire the balance in slow motion :)

Thanks for the advice! & it turns out you
05/07/2007 - 23:06

can read my mind as well!

I did indeed just wind it enough to start, but that tuned out to (apparently) give it a reserve

of at least a few hours.

The brass bezel is Not the case of the watch, it is the protective inner case in which the

watch is mounted.  The wood you see around the watch is the outer case.

This is a very unusual watch!

The case is sterling silver, here is a pic out of the box:
05/09/2007 - 03:27

(click for real picture)

Hi Steve!
05/07/2007 - 23:21

Nice to see you here :-)

A true beauty again!

You are marvellous.

I'm anxiously waiting for this to not stop !

I have it in my bedroom and it's the best insomnia I can think of :-)

If it would stop, I would be awake for rest of the night!


with Victor Kullberg movement,

from 1884.

About 1 s slow each day.

It's pure music :-)



Thanks, Doc! This is a beautiful watch as well!, I see
05/07/2007 - 23:49

that Mr. Kullberg worked primarily in England but was born and trained in Sweden.   I poked

around to find some of his clocks and watches, I did not see others with the firm signed

on your boxed watch, almost exclusively signed with his own name.  I would love to see

more of your B&L (if you can stand to open it!)

Steve I promise you pics of the movement!
05/08/2007 - 13:04

I  have as believe you know, bought the Canon EOS 400D,

macro lens 100 mm 1:2,8  USM, tripod and remote controll.

I also copied all your educational posts, so I have bought 3(!) table lamps,

marble I have before :-)

No, the marble is your special sign, I'm just joking !

When I bought the marine chronometer, on an auction in UK,

I wasn't sure if it was a Kullberg movement,

but I knew which years Barraud & Lunds had bought movements from him,

so I took a chance.

First thing when I received it, was open it,

and there it was the Kullberg movement!

But I was so excited and happy that I even forgot to take pics !!

Since there is some work taking it apart I will do it first I get some time.

It's just beautiful, with the fusee and chain and the workmanship.

This is a movement that Victor Kullberg has had in his hands,

because he always made the final regulation!

It's from 1884 and he passed away 1890.

During the time the firm existed it made 8,666 movements,

all books are left, except one.

Remarkable the same goes for Mercer, all their books are left except one!

That's the only two marine chronometer makers, from which the books still are available.

Kullberg competed at Greenwich each year, between 1864-1914

when the yearly trials were ended.

During this time Kullberg movements came first or/and second fiftytwo times !!

Outstanding :-)

He was born on Gotland in the Baltic Sea, Sweden's biggest island.

I'll be back !


OMG Steve are we talking about a deck watch here? I can't wait to see
05/07/2007 - 23:59

the amazing photos you will be taking!

Great to see you here Steve :-)