i donot thinl the caliber is 434


JB  whote a good article yes

but i donot think   the first caliber is 434.

the follow pictrues:

1、JBs   434


3、valjoux 23

4、universal 285


i think  JBs  434   should be universal 28X   .

Sharp eyes, but I don't think its signifigantly relevant to JB's article.
05/29/2016 - 09:29

You have sharp eyes!  I just went back to read JB's article on Lemania movements.  JB used a picture taken from Alex's article on VC chronographs:

The History of Vacheron Constantin Wrist Chronographs Part1 1917-1970

If you look at this article, you will notice the written descriptions refer to the movment picture BELOW the text (not the picture above the text).

So when looking at the picture JB used, which is the same as your picture #1:

  • The description "Cal 434 used starting 1940, base ebauche Valjoux 22" refers to the movement at the bottom of your picture #1
  • The description "492 Cal 492 used starting 1943, base ebauche Valjoux 23" refers to a movement not shown in your picture #1, but it can be seen in Alex's original article.
  • The movement at the top of your picture #1 is a VC cal. 295, which is based on a Martel movement ebauche.  Alex's article says "Cal 295 used starting 1937, with either a 30 minute or 45 minute counter, base ebauche from Martel Watch Co in Les Ponts de Martel"  (FYI: Martel provided movement ebauches to Universal Geneve and Zenith, including UG's cal. 285)

Reading through JB's article he makes no mention about these specific movements, because they are not Lemania related.  He just posted the picture and referred to VC Ref. 4178 (which used cal. 434 and 492). 

It does not appear to me to be significantly relevant to the Lemania story. But it is misleading, especially to someone with your observant eyes!


i have a mistake
05/29/2016 - 10:08

what a shame blush