I know I'm not that good looking but...

I keep showing up on the 'net I know I'm not that good looking but....  You may recognize the picture on this facebook page for The Big Wild nature conservancy group, under the CHALLENGE banner.

If interested, you can also read about Dean's Denali Challenge
great stuff, amazing photos and a great cause ! (nt)
02/01/2009 - 21:24
Agreed Alex...
02/02/2009 - 18:01
and thankfully it seems more people are willing to act to preserve and restore natural habitat, now that the effects of our past mistakes are being felt . I'd like to invite any interested Loungers to consider showing some small support for The Big Wild through my Denali challenge.  I was thinking of flying a banner on the summit with the name of everyone that contributes.  It is one way to be part of the climb along with the Vacheron Overseas.