I Think Vacheron Constantin is the Watch to Wear.

The Patek Philippe Brand is a Collectors Watch and it has that high resale value.  Vacheron Constantin does for the most part have reasonable prices and it doesn't have the Re sale quality that Patek and Rolex has.  It is I think more of an artsy crowd but nothing to do with politics.  Some of the Hollywood Crowd likes Vacheron Constantin.  It is great that they are making more and more of their timepieces with the Geneva Seal.  A watch should not be a collectible but a piece of art and certainly it should not have a great re sale value.  It is good that Patek Philippe has all the high prices since Vacheron Constantin can make a great watch without the ski high price.  The A. Lange & Sohne does seem to be the technical crowd and their watches are not as beautiful as Vacheron Constantin. 

What are peoples thoughts on this?                .   asal

I think you summed it up pretty well!
02/05/2008 - 03:42

I will re-quote someone saying this (forgot who said it):

If you want investment...go for Patek

If you want anything besides investment...go for VC

Very well said!  

Re: I think you summed it up pretty well!
02/05/2008 - 04:14

I agree to Rei

It is in line with the image and history of VC and Lange
02/05/2008 - 09:38

VC especially since their collaboration with Verger Freres in the 1920s has a very flamboyant "latin" approcah to design, with interesting forms and the uses of art forms such as engraving, enameling, engine turning or gem setting. Today with the Metiers d'Art collection wants to set itself apart within the watch industry as one who mixes horology with the forms of art stated above.

Lange has always been a rather no nonsense technical brand with fantastic products but rather conservative designs and I think that the majority of Lange buyers are ones who are really interested in the technical approach or the engeneered look of the models.

I have to say that I am biased here since both VC and Lange are my favorite "mainstream" brands. I have however a huge soft spot for the independents.

BTW welcome to the Lounge

Why is all this generalizing necessary?
02/05/2008 - 10:59

First of all, I have never bought a watch brand; I have only bought a watch. Vacheron, and pretty much every other brand, makes some watches I like and some I dislike. Second, I own watches by Lange, Patek, Vacheron and Audemars (among many others). Does that make me a "Lange person," a "Patek person," a "Vacheron person" or an "Audemars person?" None of the above, I think; I'm a "guy who likes watches person."

Given the wide variety of Vacheron's offerings, it's hard for me to imagine that you are stating you like all Vacherons and none of the other companies' models. If you are stating that you like the "image" or overall brand approach of Vacheron, that's fine (I do too), but your perception of that image may be very different from others'.

I agree with mkvc.
02/05/2008 - 14:13

I have also other watches than VC, and a watch is a whole piece, technically and design speaking, but I am not exclusive to one brand. I am trying to take the best approach according to my collecting idea.