I thought that the drop was specifically VC

could you explained?

I thought that the drop was specifically VC

not the tear drop but the fan! The tear drop lug even though it has
10/22/2007 - 14:05

come to be systematically associated with VC was not exclusive to the brand. Knowing the close ties Vacheron Constantin and JLC had in the 40s-50s this is not surprising.

However the lug shape of the chronograph ref 4178 was only used by VC. This lug shape is often referred to as tear drop as well but it is rather a "fan" shape lug.

Love those lugs!!
10/22/2007 - 17:47

Thanks for the photos guys.

Aside from the teardrop lugs being the same, most teardrop-lugged vintage triple-date VCs probably used the same movements as the JLC in the picture too.

Although I like the classic and gentle curves of the teardrop lugs, the lugs on that vintage chronograph (and the watch as a whole) is to die for!   I have to admit that I much prefer those fan lugs to the current malte lugs, and the spread out subdials on the chronograph are a welcome sight to the "cross-eyed" chronos of late (made to look so because of ever-larger cases being used with existing, smaller-sized movements.



Re: I much prefer the "fan" lugs to the drop lugs...
10/22/2007 - 22:53

...although my all-time favorite remain the Malte lugs, unique to VC