I tried a 222 Gold

I tried a 222 Gold

I am very sorry that this is a bit painful, full gold with a bad photo, sorry for your eyes I tried a 222 Gold

I am not attracted in full gold watch, too shiny and too heavy though the 222 is quite thin.
When you wear it, you know you did'nt forget it. I tried a 222 Gold

After the shock of the shine and weight, the Watch shows a lot of qualities.

As Alex already told, the design of the 222 is not of  GeraldGenta but of Jorg Hysek
Not so well known as her "genta sisters" , there was no "direct daughters", it was followed by the 333, Phidias and Overseas as Alex explains here

-Though the designer is different, there is a lot of similarities with a vintage Royal Oak.
Same type of case, very thin. The bezel and the Maltese Cross on the box gives it a special "touch".
A marvellous case.

-But where it is special it is on the fantastic bracelet !
(is it the correct word?Strap is for leather but for metal I do not know exactly?)
For me on of the most beautiful metal bracelet in history! A great design with a tremendous finish and a very nice buckle.
To go on the comparison with Nautilus or Royal Oak, THIS is the hammer compared to the other. Far more original and beautiful imho. I tried a 222 Gold
As with the last Overseas metal bracelet, when Vacheron decide to make something nice , they really succeed. I tried a 222 Gold

-The dial is simple, no oval shape there but straight lines for indexes and hands.
And that the only point where I prefer the others, the dial is a bit flat imho. But no mistake of taste. Just too simple imho.

Quite difficult to find, especially in gold, I was very happy to try this rarity, completely understated.
A wonderful sport and classy watch. I can not wear it in gold but if one day I find it in steel, why not I tried a 222 Gold

best regards


very cool, the 222 design is growing on me and I would love to have a
02/18/2010 - 16:59
jumbo steel model one day, or why not a new Historiques version?
222 Historiques? Great Idea !
02/18/2010 - 17:52
A thin and "small" 222 with his wonderful bracelet would complete the "large" Overseas . If the just can change the dial with a different dial it would be awesome imho. It's such a nice and understated watch. Too much forgotten imho. best regards François