I want like to buy another watch but I don't know which one.

I have been always a Rolex Fan. I have for daily usage a Rolex King Air, which was a present from my father who was an airliner pilot and a Rolex Yatch Master.

I want to buy a luxurious, strong, durable and unusual watch. I thought of a Rolex Gold President which I think complies with the first three but I'm not so sure about how unusual it is.

Which model do you think is the best option to choose?

Thank you


Welcome Ivan and congrats on wanting a VC :-) Some questions
05/27/2007 - 00:51

do you know what kind of watch you want? Something rather elagant and dressy? A chronograph? something with date or full calendar functions.

Unusual in the way the time is displayed or in the form of the watch?

VC has something to offer in all these catagories. Give us some more info on what you have in mind.

Some suggestions for "unusual" watches
05/27/2007 - 16:58

You can check my article on the 2007 Vacheron Constantin novelties by clicking on the link below:


In terms of unusual watches here are a few which are very typical of Vacheron Constantin either because they're are the only or of the few that have a timpiece like that or because these watches are in direct link with the company's 252 year lineage.

Malte Chronograph

Funky lugs, beautiful guilloché dial and one of the most beautiful chronograph movements available

Hommage aux Grands Explorateurs

Amazing enamel dial on two levels. Sold out and impossible to find but beautiful to look at

Patrimony Traditionnelle automatic

In house automatic caliber with flawless finish bearing the Geneva Seal. I like the seconds at 9 which give the watch a somewhat off beat look

Patrimony Contemporaine Day/Date Bi Retrograde

One of my favorites. In house automatic caliber bearing the Geneva Seal with retrograde day and date indications

Re: Welcome Ivan and congrats on wanting a VC :-) Some questions
05/27/2007 - 17:12

I would like an elegant watch that can reflect my status in life without been to flashy but at the same time it must say "I am here" it must call the attention of the eye in a discreet way. On the other hand, the watch must be adaptable and resistant (strong) to the demanding circumtances in life.

For Instance, I'am going to an elegant but casually dressed BBQ at my friend's house when all of the sudden we are going to the sauna, jacuzzi or maybe swimming in the pool and I offered to help with the cooking of the meat as I love cooking. Later, we are going to a smartly dressed party. This means that the watch has to go through differents enviroments like casual-informal situation to a more formal enviroment. It has to cope with water; strong and sudden temperature changes (Sauna & Jacuzzi, cold showers and fridges for drinks).

In other words a watch that would be from water to be close to fire. From informal enviroments to the most demanding elegant formal dinner all in the same day, because there is no possibility to wear more than one watch for each occasion. That is more of a female thing. A man wears the same watch almost for all circumstances.

That is why I have found in Rolex that possibility and Kasumi agrees with it, Rolex Strengh seems to be the best. But I would like something that can get the eye attention and leave VC standing well when at my friends I can show them an VC that is a watch for a delicate Gentleman or for a tough Cowboy if necessary.

Chronograph could be a possibility. The other thing is the bracelet. It most be as tough as diamond. I don't want to be taking off and putting on the watch each single time I'm going to swim!!. I want the watch at all times is my wrist.

I hope this can give you an idea of what I am looking for. I'll be waiting for your comments soon.

Thank you for your guidance in advance!!!!


The Overseas is for you! Even though I would tend to disagree
05/27/2007 - 17:26

that you can't wear a different watch for each occasion!

The Overseas seems to fit what you are looking for. a strurdy watch which would look great BBQing, swimming or hanging out in a jacuzzi (sipping Margaritas?) and at the same time would definately not look out of place in a more formal gathering.

Currently the Overseas models exist in steel, with the chronograph and Dual Time existing also in yellow gold. The Dual Time in rose gold with a chocolate colored dial (amazingly beautiful) exists in a limited edition of 250 pieces.

Keep us posted on what you go for

Dual Time

Time only and Chronograph

Re: The Overseas is for you! Even though I would tend to disagree
05/27/2007 - 20:09

I must say that your suggestion is very well appreciated! I am now between the Overseas & the Patrimony Traditionnelle Perpetual Calendar Skeleton. I am not sure if the pictures make justice to the watches but The Overseas looks like is more strong and practical. But the beauty of the Patrimony I must say is overwhelming.

All I need to know now is the price of both watches. I'll call one of your dealers in London.

Alex, may I ask you why you tend to disagree about our comments hahaha?



Having one watch for all occasions (no matter how exquisit) would be
05/27/2007 - 20:28

like eating caviar everyday...you may get tired of it, no?

More seriously Vacheron makes some REALLY gorgeous watches which you can't really use in a pool or BBQing and it would be a shame to pass by.

The skeleon perpetual is just sublime and may be worth having a closer look at. It'll be available starting Sept.

BTW "I'll call one of your dealers in London" I don't work for VC, I'm just a stupid watch nut!!

Here are some press photos of the perpetual. Keep us posted on what you choose and hope to continue "seeing" you here   

How about something in the Overseas line?
05/27/2007 - 04:30

Hello Ivan,

Any VC watch is definitely luxurious and, if your definition of unusual means rare, any VC watch is definitely rare compared to most Rolex watches.  As you know, you can easily make out a Rolex anywhere you go, so in that sense, VC offers a more discreet and rarer watch.

Strong and durable may be more suited to Rolex but the Overseas line might fit the bill.  The Overseas offers a very stylish sportive and anti-magnetic watch, and you have your choice of time and date, chronograph, or dual time in a steel or gold.

Then there is the Dual-time Regulator which offers the regulator dial layout with chronometer-certified accuracy.  It, like most VC's (and Pateks, etc) may not really fall under "strong and durable", but when treated properly should give you many years of trouble-free use (durable?).

As Alex mentioned, make sure that you know what you are really looking for so that you are not disappointed.  Rolexes are definitely not as prestigious and luxurious as a VC, but it does offer a whole different level of strenght and durability at a more reasonable "luxury" price.  VC is at the top of the high-horology ladder but most VC's may not be strong and durable enough for your intended purpose.

Happy hunting.

Same old thing from me...Overseas Dual Time
05/27/2007 - 05:40
Rose gold, chocolate brown face... Rolex Gold President? Doesn't hold a candle to this beauty IMO.
How about the new automatic line?
05/27/2007 - 10:08

I think they look elegant, subtle & it's a VC. I prefer watches that are not loud and look discreet. Look for the newest offering from this year's show. Or imho, the new boutique piece is stunning w/ black dial!