I was meditating by my creek when a VC popped in!

I was meditating this morning( in a screened tent down by my freshwater creek, surrounded by gum, palm and pine trees with the sound of the running water over creek stones as a background!)when a VC watch popped into my mind( I'd been reading the VC Watch Time the night before.) I thought: "WOW-this would be my ideal VC. Details:

1. Overseas model- I swim twice daily
2. GMT long hand
3. Internal 24 hour bezel
4. Alarm with gong( I don't think I could stand a minute repeater)

Your thoughts Gentlemen. Desirable or a "throw-it-into-the-bin concept! Kindest regards. Gary

ps. Is the number 1 on the date dial of dual time models smaller than the other numbers? It appears to be in all the photos.

Overseas meets the Explorer II :-) I like your idea even though I
04/05/2010 - 12:02
don't think we'll see an alarm watch within the VC line up any time soon. PS: Reading the post I thought to myself that while meditating you actually found a VC PPS: the 1 is the same siez as the other numerals, maybe its just an optical illusion
Date on Dual Time
04/05/2010 - 12:49
Hello Sir Gary! I like your idea of the alarm...it would come in handy when the battery on my PDA has run out of charge! As for the number 1 on the Dual Time date dial....sorry Alex...but I beg to differ!  I am looking at mine right now, and the 1 is certainly a lot smaller than the other numerals (about half the size!!).  Perhaps there were different editions?  Mine is from 2006.  Also a small point to note is that from 9 to 23, the dates are printed the other way around so that they are easier to read. Enjoy your Easter Eggs! JAMES
I stand corrected, thanks James (nt)
04/05/2010 - 15:29
Re: I was meditating by my creek when a VC popped in!
04/14/2010 - 01:05
Sir Gary, I guess you have reached the pinnacle of life when you can meditate and feel a VC on your mind and heart. Spending so many years with Jesuit Priests they have helped me to pray that my putts will go in when golfing. Over the years, I would say my praying continues strong. Hope you realize your dreams from Vacheron.  Being that you swim twice per day you may consider a less expensive quartz for that activity. You can enjoy your Overseas for the remainder of the day. Take care and warmest regards, Matt