I was recently shopping for a new diver's watch...

…and to my great disappointment, I found out that the Patrimony Caliber 2755 is not watertight. Hopefully VC gets that fixed near year as they offer the model with the (white) rubber strapI was recently shopping for a new diver's watch....

Seriously, why wasn’t that watch made to be resistant to 3 bar, like most other dress VCs? Is it because it would affect the quality of the chimes? Still, it sounds like a risky proposition - I wouldn’t want to have that watch on the wrist and be stuck in torrential rain…I was recently shopping for a new diver's watch...

I wonder if VC tested the chimes underwater to make sure it sounds
04/27/2010 - 10:26
as beautiful under those conditions as well as in free air? . You are a crazy diver my friend! Have a good day.  Cheers, Dan
repeating diving watches have a lousy sound! The 2755 is not
04/27/2010 - 12:55
water resistant as to have the highest sound quality (the joints muffle sound) but that doesn't mean that if you get stuck under a rain storm your watch would rust. On the other hand there are some brands who built their name on rusty watches
Not just rust - let's not forget dinosaur's pooh, erupting volcanos...
04/27/2010 - 14:56

Thanks for confirming what I suspected... Cheers,  Francois