I whish you all VacheronConstantin fellows a nice weekend !

This pic,

which isn't the best ever,

was taken minutes ago !

Daughter and her boyfriend are coming home for a nice dinner!

Shirt, this for Alex first of all, is a Brooks Brothers,

which I got from my daughter (!) , Champagne for that tonight,

when she returned back,

from a 2 week trip coast to coast,

in USA I whish you all VacheronConstantin fellows a nice weekend !

Watch you seen before,

but is very, very seldom on my wrist,

still one of the most fantastic VC's ever made,

in my opinion !

Model is named 1972,

Prestige de la France.

I whish you all VacheronConstantin fellows a nice weekend !

Bon apetit, probably misspelled..... I whish you all VacheronConstantin fellows a nice weekend !


Prestige de France is a very a propos watch as not only tomorrow is
07/13/2007 - 21:41

the French national holiday but this watch was actually designed by VC's design team in Paris.

Vacheron Constantin was awarded the “Prestige de la France” on June 23, 1972.

During a reception at Paris' Ritz Hotel attended by Mr. François-Xavier Ortoli, the Minister of Développement industriel et scientifique, the “Prestige de la France” diploma was awarded to Mr Jaques Ketterer, the then CEO of Vacheron Constantin by M. Louis W. Christaens, President of the Comité de prestige et de propagande nationale (the Committee for prestige and national propaganda!!!).

The collection of curved and asymmetrical watches that became known as the “Prestige de la France” collection was given the supreme privilege of being allowed to engrave the emblem of the association - a laurel-leaf crown surrounding the words “prestige de la France” - on the case back.

Very interesting info, thank you Alex. The Committee for National
07/13/2007 - 23:14

Propaganda sounds more at home in the USSR than in France

Incredible watch Doc really a work or art. Alex, thanks>>>
07/14/2007 - 04:58
for the history on this great creation, really interesting. Happy Birthday France and Francophiles everywhere!! Vive la France! Best to all, Tim
Killer information !
07/14/2007 - 21:47

I thought I knew EVERYTHING about my watches !

Your'e not only one of my closest friends,

but you beat me on my old fingers !

Love you Alex


Have a good one yourself, aficionado :-)!
07/14/2007 - 00:11
Nice watch again... I never thought it was such a biggie :-) I like them big watches, two thumbs up (sorry no smileys on my mobile). Tomorrow's not only the French National Holiday (the day Parisian Bastille was smashed down), it's also my birthday -we are having a nice dinner gathering with a bunch of friends and family...
Nice watch, nice shirt: looking sharp :-) And Happy B-Day Radek
07/14/2007 - 00:44

Happy birthday Radek :-) (nt)
07/14/2007 - 11:08


Thank you guys :-) (nt)
07/14/2007 - 11:21