I would love to create my own Patrimony...

...with a brown-chocolate dial in a pink gold case and with nice brown-chocolate matte crocodile strap: what do you think ? what would the great Vacheron-Constantin house might think about it ?

Could that be the Patrimony "The Hour Lounge" limited edition ?

Could we have a product manager or a project manager answer about such a request ?



An Hour Lounge limited edition?
04/26/2007 - 14:26

I like the idea alot and your combination could be a killer!

VC set up a bespoke service called Atelier Cabinotiers Special Order where the brand will accept orders for special pieces from existing models with a different dial to a whole new unique watch.

I've written an article on this new service which will be on line sometime next week so stay tuned....

Re: An Hour Lounge limited edition? Another suggestion
04/26/2007 - 19:47


I know your passion for the Cioccolatone watch ref 4737 and family, why not having a pink gold Toledo with chocolate dial (eventually some more chocolate tablet design in the background) ?

I am blocked at home because of a back problem, so I do have a lot of time to express my Vacheron fevers...



guauuuuuuu!!! I love the idea......
04/26/2007 - 20:15

count with me!!!

Berny, this one will be really a Killer!!! Different time readings and diferent case forms will forever be the key points in the stregths of VC, in my humble opinion....and now with the tunning possibilities!!!!

hope this can be eard by someone at the top.......


you guys are making me hungry :-) (nt)
04/26/2007 - 20:29


A drawing?
04/29/2007 - 23:29

Any sketches, drawings of the watche you imagined?