Ideas for further QdI developments...

As Mr. Torres stated in his presentation speach at SIHH QdI is to be furthered developed into more case sizes as well as equipped with new features in the nearest future. What other complications would you like to see implemented in the QdI line other than the first two existing Date only automatic and Day/Date/Power reserve?

My first choice would be a QdI World Timer (how about that, Doc?):

Ideas for further QdI developments...

I would also like to see some perpetual calendar come into life in the shape of QdI...

Do you have any other ideas? Please share...

Not very original but I would love to see a tourbillon and a chrono (n
04/29/2008 - 12:59


Re: Ideas for further QdI developments...
04/29/2008 - 14:25

How about a nice time only automatic with a cloisonne dial!!!!!!!! Combines the older art of enameling with the contemporary style case and their own inhouse movement.

Re: Re: Ideas for further QdI developments...
04/29/2008 - 14:55

Would you have the whole dial enamelled, or would it be a mix between enamel and clear dial? (could be cool, actually...)

Re: Re: Re: Ideas for further QdI developments...
04/29/2008 - 17:20

Initially I thought of the tradional complete dial being enameled, but your idea of mix and clear sounds very interesting. Similar to the Masks but just cloisonne and clear...why not.

Mr L

Good question...
04/29/2008 - 14:58

...I have been thinking at all the new possible models that could come out in the QdI range...

I agree with alex that a Tourbillon and a chrono would be nice...

But my favorite would be to have the QdI with a triple date/ annual calendar... with the moonphase I am obsessed about (I think VC should put it on all of its models...)

Love those moonphases!!! nt
04/29/2008 - 17:18


A world time would look nice but not sure it would be very
04/29/2008 - 18:22

legible with the dials VC of these models.

A pereptual calendar or a sply seconds chrono would also be great.

I would love to see how a Chrono looks like on a QdI range (nt)
04/29/2008 - 21:00