Importantant question concerning us all!

Hello my friends,

I, as I think you all, has been in the situation: 'will this watch be to big/small for my wrist?'
I'm 'hot' on a 1921, as someone perhaps have understood, but I think it's to big for my wrist.
I, who happen not to have an AD 'around the corner', often buy my watches from abroad.
First time I was a bit 'shocked', was when I bought this from an AD in Germany:

Importantant question concerning us all!

I had it for 4 years trying to convince myself it was ok, but it ws to 'thick', not to big in diameter, 38 mm.

Second time was when I bought this from also an AD in Germany:

Importantant question concerning us all!

It is 43 mm AND thick, well, I knew that but in reality it is to big. I still have it, because it's the only
worldtimer worth it's name.

Than I bougt a Patrimony, plain, YG can't find any pic on wrist, but it's to big, 41 mm, ro be 'thin and elegant'
on my wrist.. I thoughtnit was like the old predecessor...

I tested one of the first 1021 in Geneva and Alex of corse said: " WOW, Doc it's just perfect on you!". 
Who would have expected something else? Importantant question concerning us all!

To my question my dear fellows, what's your wrist size, and which watch do you think is best on it?
You may please attach some pics!

My thin wrist size is 17,5 cm or close to 7 inch.

I think this is just perfect on my wrist, it's only 33 mm !!Importantant question concerning us all!

Importantant question concerning us all!

Looking forward Importantant question concerning us all!

I haven't measured my wrist but the American 1921 doesn't
12/20/2010 - 11:26
seem too big on it! I think that size doesn't really matter  its a question of proporton and if the lugs aren't too long that they stick out of your wrist then it shouldn't be an issue IMHO.
Alex I seen your wrists to often,
12/20/2010 - 23:40
they are like wrestlers! Anyhow the watch is so beautiul .... Doc
Re: Importantant question concerning us all!
12/20/2010 - 12:01
Hi Doc, I have a pretty thin wrist, 16cm or 6.3 inches.  I don't have any good wrist shots available right now (the ones I have are too close up, so you can't really see how large my wrist is compared to the watch). My smallest watch is 33mm and my largest is the Gen. 1 OS Chronograph, 40mm , which is also my thickest watch, at 12.6mm. I feel comfortable with a watch between 31mm and 40mm.  I tend to like them to be 12mm or thinner. Hope this info helps you Mats. Best Regards, Dan
I just checked, the 1921 is 40mmx40mm
12/20/2010 - 12:15
and it should be thinner than the OS chronograph. Though I haven't tried a 1921 on my wrist, I think it should be fine on yours - since your's is larger than mine. BR, Dan
Intersting Dan,
12/20/2010 - 23:44
since I know you have thinner wrists than I have. What ever we say, the best size for us, both wearing and looking at is 34-38 mm and rather thin Keep in touch Doc
Re: Importantant question concerning us all!
12/20/2010 - 18:52
Hi Doc...It appears as though you will wear the beautiful 1921 for "dress-up days". Since we both wear "buttons", watch size really matters. IMHO under 40mm is best. My 1912 with articullated lugs fit my 8" best and it's only 37x30. Just my 2c's, Miki
Yep Miki, as always you stole my point :-)
12/20/2010 - 23:56
We both wear buttons, and only gentlemen like us,  understand the problem. A big watch wears extremely fast against the buttons, Could be the first day, that you got scratches, that not even a good jeweler can handle. You got bigger wrist than I, so your lugs don't 'stick out' as much as mine. On big watches over 40 mm, I cant wear button's at all, and I got 15 shirts from Brooks Brothers,made for buttons. BTW I hate French Cuffs, there is no such word among the tailors. This is why I when I get dressed up a little, always wear waist, than I can use a pocketwatch with alittle gold chain, and that's even classier, as matter so much that a lot of people get disturbed by it OTH I always liked the 1912 on YOUR wrist, because you can wear it, without the watchis  dominating, it's just ...a beautiful watch, which is the whole point! Enjoy life my friend Doc
Re: Yep Miki, as always you stole my point :-)
12/21/2010 - 06:14
I agree with both you and Miki when it comes to wearing a dress shirt.  With or without buttons, 39mm or less would be best for my size wrist.  BR, Dan
Re: Re: Yep Miki, as always you stole my point :-)
12/21/2010 - 16:57
Hi Dan...Here's an old bad scan of one of my favorite combinations. The 1815 is only 36 mm and it fits and looks just fine by me. Miki
I have a suggestion Doc, for what it is worth...
12/21/2010 - 18:20
One of my favorites in the VC line up is the Patrimony Traditionnelle (82172) in rose gold. It has perfect symmentry, perfect size to fit under the cuffs, and also has the beautiful calibre 4400 like the American 1921. This may be a good option that will fit your very refined and top notch taste.  Best, Mike
Miki, why should you mention Patrimony?
12/21/2010 - 20:58
I of course looked at once,but now I'm nearly hooked up on Patrimony Traditionnelle Chronograph, (47192) with gold buttons, 42 mm and 10.6 mm thick. WOW . The 82172 is right size 38 mm and only 8 mm thick. You are right!, but I'm no fan of it, sorry.. American is 24x40 mm, but only 8 mm thick. I argued for many years that Vacheron&Constantin should do a 'normal version' of their 'macho' sizes. For instance OS 42 mm could easily be made 38-39 mm instead, and the same for my new found Patrimony Chronograph! OTH the G-P I show on my wrist above, is 43 mm an 13,4 mm thick (!), that's absolute no chance to wear to a normal shirt, with or without buttons. I have to unbuttom the sleeve on my left wrist when I wear it, if I not wear a polo jumper or something like that. If you consider the price of that watch, it's probably not supposed to be used as a 'sports watch' ! Thanks all you my friends, first I'll get an OS for everyday use, I'm actually trying to get one of the new design, since I think the bracelet is the most beautiful VC ever made. How they interwoven the Maltese Cross, is just magic! I prefer a second hand with scratches and even dents, since it soon will have them, so why by a new? 1921 will be new if I can scratch enough money and get a fair price... which I guess Vacheron Constantin gives all supporters with 2138 posts or more Merry Xmas Doc
Re: Miki, why should you mention Patrimony?
12/28/2010 - 22:06
my wrist size is 17,5 cm......... my American on my wrist : perfect in fact....
welcome to the Lounge Nikos :-)
12/28/2010 - 23:40
Re: Miki, why should you mention Patrimony?
01/02/2011 - 10:39
I am wrestling with the size of the Overseas. The largest watch I really feel comfortable wearing is 40mm and not too thick. Skinny wrists you see.  So a non-macho Overseas would make VC a definite sale. As it is even though I love the bracelet like a girl.. I may end up with the  Royal Oak , simply based on size and shirt cuff requirements. On the other hand.. I may talk myslef in to it!