impression of the 1755 jubile

i have been collecting chronographs since i started seriously collecting watches. but since last year, i have been smitten by the dress watch virus, however, i prefer watches without date as i am too lazy to adjust the watch's date especially those requiring pushing pins as i rotate my watches to wear. i much prefer the simple time only watch, yet the charms of the extra subdials made exception to my collection.


after collecting some dress watches which i like to wear, i  feel that my collection would not be complete without a VC. and having regrettably passed on a WG 1755 jubile when offered to me during the anniversary launch because i was not in the dress watch phase, this watch lingered on the back of my mind . whenever someone post that watch on any watch fora, i hear its calling. that prompted me to re-look at the specifications and realised the significance of this watch in the VC heritage. although i found the " geneva seal" embedded on the dial side awkward even till today, i realised that it marked the birth of the in-house cal 2475 movement, which probably evolved to the cal 2450 movement today.  VC new policy to put the geneva seal quality on its watches with in-house movement and immaculately finishes its watches even on the underside of the dial confirms VC committment to quality and enhances the watch attractiveness to me.


i once shared with my collector friend, kh tan, that a collectible and meaningful VC dress watch shall present the certain characteristic exhibiting art deco charm regarding certain applications with the VC logo. the aesthetics are :

1. fancy lugs

2. unusual guilloche dial

3. raised VC emblem 

4. plaqued "vacheron constantin"

5. movement quality.

this watch fulfilled all the qualities which i am looking for, so i am very determined to obtain one for my pleasure.


in this report, i wouldn't try to out-write and out-photographed alex with his better language ability, his photgraphy skills and his precise specification. instead i shall compare it with some of my favourite dress watches.


my first impression:


1. heft

when my friend handed the watch to me at the airport, the first thing that strikes me was the weight of the watch. i like it the weight attached to this watch as i always enjoy a little weight to ensure that i'll be careful with handling it.


2. efficiency of the rotor

i cant help by noticing how efficient the watch winds up with a slight movement of the watch.


3. colour

comparing with the patek 5712 PG , it is a shade less copper-ish, which matches the silvered dial very well. if it is a little redder, then a darker dial will be even nicer.

impression of the 1755 jubile

comparison of the PG colour

4. dial

it has a unique motif guilloche with applied markers and power reserve swoosh finished mirror-like. most amazing to me is the trenched minute, day and date tracks which adds dimension to the other wise flat dial. it is simply lovely. however, as i mentioned i prefer it without the geneva seal and also the power reserve indicator with the automatic wording.


impression of the 1755 jubile

this is taken through the loupe provided by VC as my auto focus camera cannot macro the picture any further :)  

5. Case

i like the size of the watch very much as it wears very well like my h.moser with thickness almost similar . the height/ case diameter proportion is just right. however, if it is a little slimmer, it will be perfect. i also like the channelled bezel and of course the hand crafted lugs, as i mentioned this works represent the charm of a VC.

impression of the 1755 jubile


6. Box and accessories

very beautiful and  thoughtful especially the loupe to look at the dial's beautifully engraved guilloche and secret signature.


impression of the 1755 jubile


 conclusion :


it displaces my favourite dress watch , breguet platinum regulateur, for the moment due to the novelty factor as i have just gotten it. will see if it will stay there to impress me as time goes by.


impression of the 1755 jubile


impression of the 1755 jubile

The 1755 is one of those watches which may seem "simple" at a 1st
06/11/2007 - 12:42

glance but which has an immense number of details which add up with subtility and elegance making it one of thoise watches you don't want to take off your wrist.

Thanks for the write up and welcome to the club

PS: Nice 5712 by the way

here's what the original testing prototype looked like
06/11/2007 - 17:25

the 2475 ticking away in a steel Malte case and a printed dial!!


Thanks for the write up, the only problem right now is finding a
06/11/2007 - 16:30

1755, the only time they pop up at auction the prices are above retail :-(

you're a lucky man

Thank you for your presentation. For sure you have a keeper with the
06/11/2007 - 19:41