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Hi everyone My name is Marco and I'm new in this forum, so this is my first post. A few days ago my grandma gave me a gift, and it was a gorgeous VC watch that belonged to my grandpa, who sadly past away in September. I feel quite ashamed but I'll be honest with you, I am (or at least I wasn't until I received this fantastic gift) no watch enthusiast, and again I'll be honest, when she gave it to me she said "This is a Vacheron Costantin watch" but I'd never heard of this brand before. I know, most of you would like to slap me in the face now :-) I haven't had a Wristwatch since I was young, actually since I've had my first mobile phone, probably this is the reason why I never really cared about watches. But the whole situation changed when my grandma gave me this gift. As soon as she gave it to me, and even though I knew nothing about the VC brand, I fell in love with this watch, and now I can't take my eyes off it, I mean it literally. The same day I did some research on the internet about the VC brand and I immediately understood that I was a really really really lucky person to have had such a special gift. I've been searching for days info about my watch, I've looked at hundreds of photos but I found nothing. I posted some photos of the watch and I know that you probably need more info but my that's all I have for now, but can someone give any kind of info. All I know is that it is white gold 18k. But that is it. If no one give me info it's no problem, I know you like to see VC watch photos, so I'm happy to share them with you :-) Have a nice day MARCO
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Welcome from
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my side Marco.

Touching story and a watch that's sublime, the perfect combination for a first post.





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Hi roberto, nice to meet you. Have a lovely day
What a great entrance into the world of horology
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I think you will find that no one here wants to slap you, hehe.  We all come to a love of watches in our own way and your journey to it is as good as any.  What a lovely an thoughtful connection you will always have now.  I really enjoyed your story.

Unfortunately, I can offer little assistance, although some others here may be better able to help based on their knowledge of vintage pieces.  To get a real wealth of knowledge, you actually will need to take it to a good watchmaker and ask them to open the watch.  Their will be information inscribed on the caseback and there will be numbers on the movement itself.  Those are what is needed to understand exactly what it is and when it was produced.  I would recommend getting close up, high resolution phtotos of the inside of the case back and of the movement while opened.  One of the delights of that watch will be the inside.  The real treasure is usually buried.

Thank you for sharing your story hear and welcome to "the family".

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Hi jtodd, I'm really starting to understand why people fall in love with these wonderful objects. The art that lays behind is really fascinating. I've been reading for days all about the VC history and about the art of watch making and it's just a "Wow" after another. Thank you for the information. My grandma told me that the watch was serviced in july 2013 and if I'm correct it should be done every 5 years. So i guess I'll enjoy this beauty for a few years without knowing any details about it. I'm thinking about asking for a Certificate of authenticity, since I live in Switzerland it shouldn't take long to get it from VC. Thanks again and have a lovely day
May be too much to ask, but...
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If it was recently serviced, is it possible that there is paperwork from that service?  If so, it may contain two critical pieces of information - movement number and case number.  From there, life gets much easier for you.

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01/08/2016 - 17:14
Unfortunately there was only a small handwritten peace of paper with a date of when the watch was serviced, but no official document.
Welcome to THL Marco!
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It looks like a great family heirloom!  Congratulations, though I'm very sorry to hear about your grandmother :-(

I'm going to guess there is either a Cal. 1003 or Cal. 1002 movement inside the watch.  To accurately determine the year it was made, somebody will have to open up the case back to read the serial numbers from both the movement and case (the numbers will be different).  While the case back is off,  see if you can get a good picture of the movement.

One note, it looks like the hour marker at 12 o'clock has a broken corner?  But that just may be an illusion due to reflection off of the crystal?


BR, Dan

not much to add other than wish you a warm welcome
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Thanks Alex.
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Hi Dan Shao thank you for your reply. Actually I'm quite lucky because my grandfather was a wealthy swiss businessman and he enjoyed collecting so many wonderful things, and since he passed away (not my grandma :-)) my grandma is giving me and my siblings some really gorgeous things. I've received as gifts paintings, pottery and sculptures but this watch really struck me and reading about VC really opened a new world for me. Since I understood that to get the info that I want I need to open up the case back I will wait until I take it in for service or if I get a Certificate of authenticity from VC. Fortunately the marker at 12 o'clock is not broken, it was just a reflection :-D Thanks again and have a wonderful day
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Very nice indeed, Marco!

Welcome and congratulations, an excellent heirloom to continue passing down to children and grandchildren.

Wear it in good health.


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Hi Jb, thank you for your kind words. I will certainly take care of this beauty and I will surely pass it on to my son. Have a fantastic day
Closest I can find
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is the Ref 6564 from a 1966 catalog, with cal. 1002.  We will need to see those inside pictures to confirm.  Congratulations, your watch looks as if it was never worn, a real time capsule heart

Closest I can find

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01/08/2016 - 20:12
Amazing! What a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much tick-talk. It really looks like the one you found in white gold. I'll have confirmation when I'll get it serviced again. I guess my watch is in really good condition because it wasn't worn that often, since my grandad had many watches. Actually next time I see my grandma I'll ask her to show me all the other watches that are part of the collection. I can't wait to see them, now that I have a little bit of knowledge about watch brands that I'd never heard of. Thanks again
Do you have box or papers?
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Re: Do you have box or papers?
01/09/2016 - 09:39
The watch was given to me in a Gübelin case (a Swiss luxury jewellery) but unfortunately without any papers. I'll have to ask my grandma if she can find them.