Info on VC 43038

Hello, My Father has had this watch for some time, I believe 15 plus years. Has never been worn. I am trying to find more info on it. It is the Vacheron Constantin 43038 Skeleton. It has been appraised at 55k, does this sound accurate? Also, is this model still in production? Will this watch retain it value well? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

was made in the 60s. It no longer is in production even though VC has
09/07/2009 - 13:01
a skeleton model launched this year in the Patrimony Traditionnelle line. Skeleton watches no matter how beautiful and coplex to make are watches for the true connoisseur and are pieces which have rather low resale value on the secondary market. The estimate given to you seems too high. You may want to contact one of the major auction houses for a free estimate.