Information about a Vacheron Pocket Watch

Information about a Vacheron Pocket Watch

I had a few questions about a Vacheron pocket watch I inherited from my grandparents.

I know that on a previous post about authenticating watches that it says if you inherited the watch it is most likely fake because of the expense and exclusivness of Vacheron. My grandparents were antique dealers and did very well for themselves in their findings and I therefore have no reason to believe that it is a fake.

I would like to find out more information about the watch. I hope to get it serviced and authenticated by Vacheron but before spending the money I would like more information about it before I do it especially for insurance reasons.

I tried to upload pictures I took of the watch but for some reason it wasnt working. I clicked on upload and then the "Send it to the server" button but it didnt work. I was able to upload one picture but not the rest. If someone could guide me I will post the pictures in the thread of this post.

About the watch (which will be seen once I can upload the picures)

1) On the face opposite the watch face- There is imprinted a crown, underneath the crown is the number 217578 and underneath that is C585 (I believe it is a C but on another face of the watch it has the same number but it looks like a 0 so I am unsure)

2) I believe that there is some type of image that is stamped beneath the watch winder

3) When I open the back face of the watch on-
          On the face that is the outer casing- there is the crown, underneath that is a square with V&C on the inside, a 5 next to it and then the maltese cross next to that- underneath that is 217578 and underneath that is 0585 (Again it could be a C and not a 0)
           On the face that protects the insides of the watch- it says L. Schlesinger Friedrichstrasse 62 Berlin

4) When I open up the casing to view the inner parts of the watch
           On the face opposite the inner parts- there is the crown, underneath that 217578 and then underneath 0585 (again it could be a C)
          On the inner parts of the watch- It is stamped with Vacheron, underneath that the maltese cross, underneath that Constantin- on the side of that is Geneve
         There is also a what appears to be a meter (possible for the reserve power of the watch when it is winded)- There is a hand pointing to the meter and on top of the meter is Advance and the bottom of the meter says Retard (I believe)

Just a note- It is possible I misread numbers of words  so if there is a slight difference between what I wrote above then it could be an error on my part.

Again, I hope to post the pictures of what I described above once I am advised how to.

Thank you

hi and welcome, you can post multiple photos by
01/01/2011 - 12:00
repeating the same process you used by uploading the first one
Would like to see more pictures...
01/01/2011 - 14:56
Just follow the instructions that Alex mentioned. I believe the 585 marking represents 14K gold, just like 750 represents 18K gold.  I believe most of the gold pocketwatches that were cased by VC were 18K gold.  VC movements were imported into different countries and cased by local jewelers - using 14K and 18K gold cases. 217578 appears to be a serial number for the case.  A serial number should also appear on the movement (inner working part of the watch) as well - this movement serial number will be different from the case number. Tha Advance/Retard is part of the micrometric regulating system that helps adjust the timing of the watch (making it run a little faster or a little slower) in order to get the watch to run as accurately as possible. I can't guess about anything else without more pictures.  Look forward to seeing them soon. Happy New Year,  Dan
watch looks authentic, probably late 19th century (nt)
01/03/2011 - 21:32
Nice watch
01/04/2011 - 12:15
Has it been maintained properly?  Being over 100 years old, VC can restore it if you wish - but it will take time and money.  The only way to really know is to send it to VC in Geneva and let them give you an estimate. Enjoy your family heirloom! BR, Dan
Re: Nice watch
01/04/2011 - 19:56
I believe the watch has been in a safe since my grandfather bought it. I would like to get it serviced by VC but I would like to insure it before I take any further steps (is anyone familiar with the servicing VC does in Geneva and if once they take possession of the watch whether I am insured through them). Is there any way to find further information about the watch? I looked through antiquorum but was unable to find any watch that had the same movement number.  I also noticed while looking through antiquorum that almost all of the pocket watches they had the hand on them were straight (not sure of the correct name for them). They did have a few pocket watches that had similar hands as mine (which according to the descriptions of the watches they called them Louis XV and Louis XVI hands). Is there any significance to this style of hands or was it just one of the many designs that were used? I was also curious what most people who have old pocket watches do with them if they do not wear them. I saw once a pocket watch that was converted into a wrist watch. Does this significantly decrease the value of the pocket watch? Thank you
you can have the watch sent to Geneva via a
01/05/2011 - 00:11
retailer or a VC/Richemont service center in your country. You can check their details on the VC website, they will take care of insurance and sending the watch to Geneva. As for recasing a pocket watch into a wrist watch that would reduce the value to nil