Information Regarding My First VC

     Hello, knowledgeable Vacheron & Constantin folks! I just purchased my first VC a couple of days ago, and am thrilled. It's been my favorite manufacturer since I started collecting watches, and owning one has always been a grail for me.
      I recently came into a small amount of money that afforded me the oppertunity to obtain a small, 1970s vintage dress model, being that the price was affordable to me and my wrists are very small (6.25"). 
      Anyhow, my only concern at this point is that the watch I purchased is a men's model. While the watch wears fine on my tiny wrists, and is in great shape cosmetically, I want to be sure that I did not purchase a women's wristwatch. I have attached a couple of the seller's photos, and hopefully you guys can come to some consensus as to its intended gender market. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

       By the way, the watch measures 24.77mm wide with crown, and 28.56mm high.Information Regarding My First VCInformation Regarding My First VC
Looks like a gents model to me and a good looking one too :-)
08/04/2012 - 10:59
It looks pretty masculine to me. The most important is that it puts a
08/04/2012 - 15:21
smile on your face when you strap it on:-)
Re: It looks pretty masculine to me. The most important is that it puts a
08/04/2012 - 17:18
Thanks for the assistance, guys. DIdn't look very femenine to me, either. And yes, Alex, it's absolutely my most thrilling watch purchase yet. I may even go through and thin down the herd and find a nice 1960s thin dress model to complement it.  Guess you could say I'm hooked -- more now as an owner than I was as a dreamer!
Hi Harris
08/05/2012 - 00:02
I checked all my available references (by no means exhaustive) and could not find that design. VC did make several different models with an hexagonal case and I found many but not that one. If you can provide us with with the case and S/N (you have to open the back), I'm sure someone, ie Alex, perhaps, can track it down. Howver the dimensions you gave sound more like a man's watch as does the design itself. Enjoy in good health! Joseph
Re: Hi Harris
08/05/2012 - 04:09
Thanks Joseph!        I have not yet opened the back. I was unsure if providing the back serial number would be of any assistance, but was aware that the inside of the caseback is really going to tell the tale. I would open it myself but for the fact that VC used those darn tiny 18K screws. I need to take it to someone competant (read: not myself) in order to ensure they don't get stripped. Once I do so, I'll post some lovely (hopefully) movement pics and a pic of the caseback interior.         Best,             Harrison
That would be great.
08/05/2012 - 06:20
It's a lovely watch and quite unique!