Inherited Vacheron Constantin Wrist Watch

Greetings Vacheron aficionados,

My grandfather, a great man and an avid Vacheron collector passed away a few years ago. He left each of his grandchildren his collection of Vacheron wrist watches.  The collection was from the 1970's and they are in mint condition (mine even has the original leather strap).

I recently had mine tuned up in a local beverly hills watch repair shop and the owner offered me $10K. The timepiece is priceless to me and will most likely be in my family for years to come, so my answer to him was exactly that. However, I would like to know what it's really worth.

Although I am not the biggest watch fan,  I can appreciate fine timepieces and meticulous craftmanship from renown watchmakers. I have some questions and hope that can point me to the right direction. Any answers would be much appreciated.

Here are my questions:

1. What is the best way to find out the worth? (books, appraisals, etc.)

2. Does an online libary exist for all VC collections?, if so please list.

3. Any other advice?



some answers
06/11/2007 - 12:31

Congratulations on your grandfathers taste since he was a Vacheron Cosntantin collector!

To answer your questions:

1) The best way to get an appraisal is either to take the watch to a reputable vintage watch dealer or to have it appraised by one of the major auction houses: Antiquorum, Christie's or Sotheby's. Antiquorum also has an online data base so if you have the reference number of the watch you can check what it has been selling at auction for.

2) There is no online library for all VC collections....yet as we are working on something in that line for The Hour Lounge but it takes a lot of time. If you post a scan of the watch (with ref number) you may nevertheless get some answers here.

3) Hang around here...its a fun place to be