Interest in Patrimony model

I am interested in the model Patrimony and I was wondering what are the advantages and the disadvantages between the manual version (reference: 81180/000G-9117) and the automatic version (reference: 86180/000G-9290) of the watch. What is your opinion? Thank you in advance!
You can't go wrong with either one
12/27/2009 - 16:37
First of all, welcome to the Lounge! As I was saying, you cannot go wrong with either one.  Both have the same elegant, classic design and what I think is a good example of minimalism but still with the Vacheron Constantin flare.  They may be simple, but they are far from being bland.  Both also come with VC's modern in-house movements with the Geneva Seal. Now, having said all that.  I guess it will all depend on you taste and on what you value in a watch.   The manual-wind has a plain, solid case back so you cannot appreciate the beautiful cal. 1400 beating inside.  Of course, it would have been difficult to design a well-balanced exhibition case back since this movement has a very small diameter (especially compared to the 40mm of the case).  Personally, I like the slimness of the case.  The watch just slides perfectly inside your shirt cuff...the way an elegant dress watch should. The automatic has a very nice and classic 3-hand dial design which is surprisingly hard to find nowadays (most automatics have a date window).  Turn it over and you can also admire the beautifully finished automative movement.  It has a good balance between diameter and width too.  Indeed, some (including myself when it first came out) say that the hand-wound model is too wide and flat (like a saucer).  Of course, the automatic comes with a heftier price tag though. Personally, I have the hand-wound contemporaine and I am very, very happy with it.  It is so light that you hardly notice it on your wrist... until it catches your eye...ahhh, what a beauty.  I really recommend it. Anyway, do try both on and see which one puts a bigger smile on your face.  Do let us know which you decide on. Cheers! Kazumi
Both the automtic and the manual have inhouse movements with
12/27/2009 - 18:27
fantastic finish. Considering that both have the same aesthetics it comes down to what you want: manual or automatic.   Just keep in mind that th manul is very slim whereas the automatic is slightly thicker, also this specific automatic version without date is being discontinued so you may need to decide fast. Keep us posted on your choice and welcome to the Lounge.
Re: Interest in Patrimony model
12/27/2009 - 23:05
Hi - welcome. I have the auto with date, but have looked at the various options available. My views are similar to those already proffered, but my advice would be to think through 2 points:- - do you want a very slim case, or a little more substance? - do you really want to wind every day, not normally a real issue, but I consider the crown on the Patrimony to be on the small side and fiddly to wind (personal opinion, having tried out the wind on the platinum version recently). The uncomplicated and elegant design of the dials is sublime whichever you end up choosing.
Re: Interest in Patrimony model
12/28/2009 - 14:29
Dear all, thank you for your warm welcome to the forum and your useful replies! It is very nice to find out this forum! I have already tried on the one with the manual mechanism and the feeling was just great ...  I will check also the automatic version in one of the following days and then I will decide. I am thinking of wearing the VC Patrimony on special occasions and therefore I guess that the  winding will not be a problem. Perhaps the automatic version is indeed more convenient for every-day use. Thank you again and I will let you know about my decision !!! Best regards, Andreas