Interesting time trials of my Cal 1003.

Out of boredom and curiousity and having seen a similar post somewhere else - I decided to pit my trusty Cal 1003 against an Omega cal 620 and my Omega cal 321 Chronograph.They are all manual wound watches.All were fully wound within a couple of minutes of each other and so far here are the results...

VC Cal 1003 - 26 Hrs &25 mins
Omega Cal 620 - still going after 33 hrs (supposed to run up to 42 hrs)
Omega Cal 321 - still going after 33 hrs (supposed to run up to between 42 - 48 hrs)

I believe,but I am sure to be corrected,that the VC has been variously quoted as having a power reserve of between 31 hrs - 40 hrs  - can anyone confirm this ? - anyway,your comments will be greatly appreciated and I will report the final results in my next posting.

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06/15/2009 - 18:12
1003 has a power reserve of about 31 hours. Yours has significantly less so I guess it needs servicing. The reason for such a low power reserve is due to the caliber's thiness and the size of the used spring which needed to be kept thin. Looking forward to your timing results
Final Time Trial Results Cal 1003 vs Omega Calibres
06/16/2009 - 00:10
Hi Alex, Yes,thanks for the welcome and the compliment and the heads up with regards to a possible service on the Cal 1003 - I had considered that might be a possibility.Final results read thus... VC Cal 1003 - 26 hrs 25 mins Omega Cal 321 Chronograph - 39 hrs 55 mins (against 42-48 hrs stated ?) Omega Cal 620 - 45 hrs 30 mins (against 42 hrs stated) - wow - what a shocker that last one is ! I generally send my watches to guy in Rye,Sussex,in the UK,where I am based,he is an FBHI (British Horological Institute) qualified repairer/restorer/servicer - does anyone know of,or can recommend an independant professional watch repairer,similarly affiliated,that they have sent their VC''s to,as I do not want to bare the expense of a main dealer - sooooorrrry ! - my repairs will service,but says he cannot obtain spare parts if any need replacing ? Thanks Alex
I started some vintages now!
06/17/2009 - 01:06
One pocket watch and three wrist watches.  Lets see, in some hours, hopefully many  Cheers Doc
Re: I started some vintages now! - Its a great pastime !
06/19/2009 - 00:45
It starts to get addictive Doc ! - and you are quite often surprised . Dr Strangelove