International Registry?

Hello, Loungers, since I'm the newbie, thought I'd ask: why isn't there a universal Register for all VC owners?  I know PP and Rolex do.  Breguet, also, I think.  I just thought that a Register would give VC lovers invaluable peace of mind knowing that that is a huge disincentive for someone to steal the piece to begin with; and it increases the chances of recovery in case it IS stolen.  Personally, I also like the thought that I own a piece of history in owing a VC.  A Register simply memorializes that.  Lastly, a Register provides an alternative provenance to a piece if, by some cruel twist of fate, we should be financially compelled to part with our little treasures.

Does it cost much to establish a Register?  To maintain it?  Since the Lounge is sanctioned by VC itself, maybe it's not that prohibitive.  I simply cannot conceive that the Manufacturer with the longest uninterrupted history, with such a regal pedigree, simply can't keep a tab of those who do decide to join its venerable family. But that's just me...

not that I'm aware of, but I don't really see any use in such
04/03/2008 - 10:39

registries which are more a marketing gimmick IMHO. What happens if you buy your watch 2nd hand? Do you need to file something with the brand? I have bought a few PPs 2nd hand and never asked PP to change the name on the paperwork (am not even sure they would accept)

I don't really think it changes anything if you loose your watch or if its stolen bacause with the case and movement numbers as inscribed on the watche's paperwork you can easily inform the brand.

Just my 2C