Introducing the new Historiques Toledo 1951

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Form and Content

More than a mere stylistic composition, the new Toledo 1951 revives an entire era, masterfully living up to its stature as an emblematic model within the Historiques collection by Vacheron Constantin.

The creative exuberance of the 1950s

Collectors well remember the delicious anecdote regarding the new ‘form’ watch presented by 1951 and featuring the remarkable asset of an astonishing square case. It was an immediate hit, winning over a broad audience including the Italians who nicknamed it “cioccolatone” in reference to the shape of its case that reminded them of a famous chocolate sweet.

The very fact that this watch with its non-conformist design elicited such enthusiasm lay in its ability to take the pulse of an effervescent period. Throughout a decade characterised by outstanding vitality and optimism, designers in all fields were eagerly exploring new avenues, including occasionally confronting each other so as to boost creative momentum.

At Vacheron Constantin, aesthetic trends were actively cultivated so as to nurture a design dynamic, as vividly embodied in the “Toledo” model.

A welcome addition to the Historiques collection

A keen sense of its duty to pass on traditions and to share its passion inspired the Historiques collection, which is intended to reinterpret emblematic models. This approach provides an opportunity to highlight Vacheron Constantin’s distinctive aesthetic design codes and choices. The Historiques collection thus revives a wide range of very different, innovative and successful designs – within which the Toledo 1951 watch finds a natural place.

In 2003, the Toledo model had already been revisited and introduced with a complete calendar. This year, the new Toledo 1951 has opted for closer similarities with the original 1951 model through a form watch with a three-hand display that preserves the warm signature mood of this timepiece imbued with a touch of Latin charm.

Mingling skills and applying the law of equilibrium

The design of the new Toledo 1951 stems from an extremely advanced study of curves and the square shape – along with the art of associating them in the most restrained and balanced possible way. In-depth work was done in order to find the perfect proportions for this form watch with its cleverly controlled curves.

The 18-carat pink gold case features three rounded sides composing the signature of this timepiece. These three levels give the case a consistently dynamic appearance that is further accentuated by the uniform polishing on the sides and the round angles. Like a facetted cut diamond, the case catches the light that bounces off its curves and levels. Shadowy and luminous zones enliven this timepiece pervaded by a resolutely vivacious aesthetic. The sapphire crystal is also slightly curved to follow the same aesthetic impetus.

In keeping with the fine tradition of artistic crafts cultivated by Vacheron Constantin, the dial displays a hand-guilloché centre. It features a geometrical motif reinterpreting that of the original and designed to accentuate the shape of the case. The delicately beaded and hollowed minute circle discreetly reveals the 18-carat gold dial. Its square form keeps the main focus on the shape of the case.

Taut lines and optical effects testify to the infinite care lavished on the design of this dial with its opaline silver-toned finishes.

The dimensions of the case – 36.4 mm x 43 mm and 8.9 mm thick – endow this timepiece with an undeniable presence, while ensuring it is not too weighty and proves particularly pleasant to wear.

The solid case-back provides scope for personalising this model supplied with an alligator leather strap secured by a half Maltese Cross-shaped pin buckle.

In tune with the new Hallmark of Geneva criteria

The new Toledo 1951 watch is powered by the famous Calibre 2460 SC, developed and crafted in-house by Vacheron Constantin. Oscillating at a rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour, this self-winding calibre equipped with a 22-carat gold oscillating weight ensures an approximately 40-hour power reserve. In line with the grand tradition of calibres from the Manufacture, the bridges are manually cut out and bevelled, the sides are hand-drawn with file strokes and each screw is meticulously polished.

Toledo 1951

Toledo 1951

Toledo 1951

Toledo 1951

It is wonderful to see that the Toledo will contiune to be part of the
09/24/2013 - 13:51
Thanks for a informative and detailed article.
Ups...Should have been "part of The Historiques Line" NT.
09/24/2013 - 13:56
Simply stunning and I feel a CEP version of that model would make...
09/24/2013 - 14:02
a perfect addition to my VC line-up. Having owned a PT Toledo in the past was a fantastic experience and I am missing one one so I'll hope and keep my fingers crossedindecision
What Radek said! nt
09/24/2013 - 15:53
It isn't round - is it!
09/24/2013 - 14:24
So I shouldn't like it. As Radek says, when it comes out as a PEC I agree it will be harder to ignore. I like it... But it's not round, and it's not white metal. The first I can come around to. The second, well, VC will need to meet me half way. G
Any pics of movement in the case?
09/24/2013 - 18:13
I'll see if I can take one
09/24/2013 - 18:25
A incredible charming timepiece. I am sure it will have
09/24/2013 - 19:57
its own following. And I am sure it has to be seen to be truly appreciated. A bit disappointed to see another Historiques with a solid caseback, but I know VC cannot do that when it is a round movement in a rectangular form case.  But nice to see the Historiques line evolve the way it has past couple of years.  Alex, please post pics of the original 1951 to provide some context.
09/25/2013 - 00:19
Is it just me or is it a bit squarer than the original?
side by side photos of the Toledo 1951 and the original Cioccolatone
09/25/2013 - 10:34
Thanks for this Alex. This provides some great context. I
09/25/2013 - 11:22
Wait in the flesh scans of the 1951. Truth be told, my two favorite HIstoriques are the 1907 and the 1921.
Alex what price range are we looking at for the 1951? Would
09/25/2013 - 11:42
It be USD 40 K range?
I cannot wait to see this one but
09/25/2013 - 16:24
when will VC introduce a new 222?
Unfortunately I don't see that happening any time soon :-(
09/26/2013 - 03:29
In the immortal words of homer......
09/27/2013 - 02:04
Re: Introducing the new Historiques Toledo 1951
09/26/2013 - 04:47
Besides the case shape and the tone of the rose gold, the polishing is perfect.
Very nice to see it back
09/26/2013 - 13:55
It is iconic and it is one of the design that imho should be a basis in the Vacheron Constantin offer. I would add the tear drop lugs also in the historiques collection imho. Thanks for the news :)