Introducing the Paris Boutique Patrimony Traditionnelle Cal 2755

From the press release

A true masterpiece by Vacheron Constantin, the Patrimony Traditionnelle Calibre 2755 grand complication model is issued in a one-of-a-kind “Paris Boutique” version featuring an unusual exterior.

Rare, complex and exclusive: such as the adjectives applying to this exceptional watch. Crafted in a limited edition of one to mark the inauguration of the Paris Boutique, this 18K 5N pink gold timepiece is distinguished by its hand-guilloché opaline silver-toned dial and its chestnut brown Mississippiensis alligator leather strap. It pays magnificent tribute to the expertise acquired by the world’s oldest manufacturer that has been operating non-stop since 1755.

Entirely developed and crafted by Vacheron Constantin, hand-wound Calibre 2755 (602 parts) combines the three major Fine Watchmaking complications – a minute repeater, a tourbillon, a perpetual calendar – along with a power-reserve display on a bridge on the back of the movement.

Among these three complications, the minute repeater is the one that has been dealt with in the most original manner, once again proving, if proof were needed, that the Manufacture is still one of the most innovative in the world. To push back technical limits and increase the user friendliness of this model, the Vacheron Constantin engineers and master-watchmakers have developed an original centripetal flying strike governor that accurately drives the speed of the striking hammers, while eliminating the background noise that lever-based systems generally produce. Curious connoisseurs will be able to admire the rotation of this governor through the sapphire exhibition back, along with the meticulous chamfering of the bridges adorned with Côtes de Genève and the circular graining of the mainplate.

The tourbillon makes light of the effects of gravity in order to enhance the precision of the movement; it is also distinguished by its transparent construction revealing the beating heart of the watch, and by its carriage openworked to form the Maltese Cross, the brand emblem.

Bearing the prestigious Poinçon de Genève (Hallmark of Geneva), Calibre 2755 meets the requirements of this symbol of horological durability and perfection.

Meanwhile, the perpetual calendar, the “memory of time to come” is capable of keeping track with the vagaries of the Gregorian calendar without any intervention other than changing the date in century years that are not leap years.

With its 44 mm-diameter round case, its timeless classicism and its aura of restrained elegance, the Patrimony Traditionnelle Calibre 2755 one-of-a-kind “Paris Boutique” model reinterprets the grand watchmaking tradition in resolutely contemporary language. Particular care has been lavished on ensuring the readability of all the functions, and the oversized counters as well as the subtly off-centred hand-fitting enhance the overall clarity while highlighting the tourbillon carriage.

Two engravings on the caseback soberly indicate the unique and exceptional nature of this watch “N° 1/1” and “2, rue de la Paix” appearing on the power-reserve zone (Ref 80172/000R-9814)

Introducing the Paris Boutique Patrimony Traditionnelle Cal 2755

Introducing the Paris Boutique Patrimony Traditionnelle Cal 2755 Introducing the Paris Boutique Patrimony Traditionnelle Cal 2755
Re: Introducing the Paris Boutique Patrimony Traditionnelle Cal 2755
04/12/2013 - 15:35
I just saw the gray dial mock up piece in NYC and fell over. But the guilloche work on this dial is magnificent. To me 2755 is just the top of the mountain. I wish I could hear it! But then, I could never hand it back! Thanks Alex, Best, Joe
This is one of those pieces which I would probably...
04/12/2013 - 15:37
prefer to wear with movement caseback side up !
Checked the price of body parts
04/12/2013 - 19:06
but still couldn't afford this grail watch crying.  At least I can enjoy the book yes
not woth it, buddy - especially considering the exciting way you're
04/15/2013 - 14:34
living your life yeswink
Re: Introducing the Paris Boutique Patrimony Traditionnelle Cal 2755
04/15/2013 - 05:18
A pedigree fit for a King...
04/16/2013 - 22:37
Alex, I have read the press release which is very comprehensive. This piece is clearly the 'icing on top of the cake' and takes one to another level. I love the approach of the marketing department - a new boutique in Paris calls for something very special and this doesn't fall short in any way whatsoever.  The pedigree, the design, the fact that there is only one watch with this specification, is a great vehicle for publicity purposes and is sure to get the journalists busy with their notepads and cameras. From a personal perspective this model is beautiful - I have every confidence that someome will quickly realise that it fits the wrist perfectly! Tony