It has been said a few times..

"It may be your first V&C but certainly not your last". That's so true.

I'm now a proud owner of my second V&C - The Malte DTR in rose gold. It's absolutely stunning and a keeper for future generations for sure. I only have a few Q&D of it and I can't say they're doing it justice. Here's one ok scan of it. 


It has been said a few times..

I'm still on vacation and have limited access to the internet so I can't access the HL every day for my "fix" but now I'll survive for sure.

Time to head out in the sun again and keep working on my tan, see you again in a few weeks! It has been said a few times.. 

how true! The VC bug has bitten again. Congrats on your DTR and
01/28/2008 - 09:36

enjoy your vacation.

So...what's next?

BTW please tell us what drew you to this watch (nt)
01/28/2008 - 12:31


Wellcome to the DTR club ! (nt)
01/28/2008 - 09:44


Nice watch, nice company!
01/28/2008 - 10:44

Congrats on your DTR. Greetings from my DTR in WG...

Wear it in the best of health!

Congrats! I love the see through back
01/28/2008 - 11:16

with the mirror-like cover opened...beautiful!

Congrats on a beautiful watch!
01/28/2008 - 12:53

One of my favourites, very good choice!

Enjoy the dual time function while baking in the sun!

Congrats on your new MDTR!
01/28/2008 - 17:22

We have the same model in Pink Gold!

Congrats on the watch!! I'll never be part of the club...
01/28/2008 - 18:46

... as my wife saw this watch and said: "it's ugly".  Well, beauty is in the eye iof the beholder.

I think the watch looks absolutely fantastic and I grew to really like it!!!!!! I was waiting to see it in realy life, which I did in Las Vegas, and... the rest is history... ah well, c'est la vie.

As she is my life coach in just about every aspect of what I look like I have to follow her decision.

But, the good news is, she loves the look of the bi-retrograde!!! hehe, thanks to the screensaver I might add.

Real congrats again on this purchase!! I am so jealous!!