JLC, Vacheron, and Malaysia

Was in Malaysia last week.  THey were having a big Watch Exhibition at Star Hill Galleries.  Was very fortunate to be invited to and attend one of JLC's Master Classes.   10 students in the class, and instructed by one of JLC's master watchmakers from swiss-land.  Took apart and put back together a JLC caliber 875.  Afterwards we were treated to a very nice Seafood dinner by JLC.

Anyway, talked to the Master Watchmaker at dinner about JLC Caliber 889, used in the Vacheron Overseas.  He stated to me that in his opinion that is the strongest caliber that JLC manufactures. 

After the class, and even before, I have always wanted a JLC watch as I have always wanted a Vacheron.  I think by now getting a Vacheron Overseas, I can kill two birds with one stone!  

Looked at the Vacheron Overseas, and almost bought a black face one, but was pressed for time as had a flight to catch to Cambodia.  GOing back to Malaysia in a couple of days so will probably get the Overseas.  Just need to evaluate the clasp and date feature a little better.  The Clasp curves up a little on the ends, instead of being flatter (like AP or UN) so want to make sure will fit my wrist comfortable and conform and the ends on the clasp will not pinch in.  The Top and Bottom of my wrist are pretty flat.

Looked at getting a JLC Master Control as well, with the JLC Ca 889.  Love the comfort of the watch, the bracelet is superb,a nd love the vintage look.  But, like the Vacheron better in that it has better lumination, anti-magnetic case and better water resistance.  Work around a lot of electronics in Afghanistan, so the anti-magnetic case will be a plus, and I need the night lumination. 

After a couple days in Malaysia, then it is back to Qatar for a few days and then back to Assghanistan.

keep us posted! You've been dreaming about the Overseas for
12/09/2007 - 10:40

so long that you should get it!!

Interesting to hear about cal 889

the JLC's Master Class must have been a lot of fun...
12/09/2007 - 16:19

...taking apart a caliber and putting it back together is something that I would really like to do

I do hope that you get your OS - did you see the recent pictures of it with a leather strap? IMO, it looks even better now!

yep, looks good with the leather strap and I guess no problems with
12/10/2007 - 00:20

the clasp...

Good luck Globetrotter!!!

Re: the JLC's Master Class must have been a lot of fun...
12/10/2007 - 04:18

Yes, the JLC Master Class was definately worth going to.  Learned so much about watches and have even a greater respect for watchmakers.  Was amazed at how small some of the gears and screws were and how hard to handle.  But, also how reliable the movements can become.  First time I actually ever took apart or put together the inner workings of a mechanical watch, so was a great time.   If you ever get a chance to attend a JLC Master Class, go for it!  I hope that Vacheron would start a similiar class in the future.   Great Marketing! 

Yeah, saw the recent pics of the VC OS Chrono and non-Chrono with the leather strap!   Very nice!