Just fooling With the new camera

Hi Forumners:

Well what must a photographer do first?  Find a subject.  Of course that could mean posting photos of my dogs, of which I have many.

But since this is after all a watch forum, I went that direction instead.  Just playing around with my new 40D, which goes into the kit for the next Inside Basel/Geneva show.  Anyway, the subject is a real favorite, my white gold Vacheron Toledo.

Just fooling With the new camera

Re: Just fooling With the new camera
11/16/2007 - 02:37

Hi Jeff,

Good to see you on this forum. The Toledo is a classic especially like the platinum version dial.


Whoa!!! Superb!!!
11/16/2007 - 06:11

Both the pic & watch.

Jeff you secretive lawyer!! When did you get the Toledo ? Love the
11/16/2007 - 09:31

watch and the scan

Very Nice, what is a "new 40D"?
11/16/2007 - 11:21


liked that fooling !!! (nt )
11/16/2007 - 17:47


whoa! great shot!
11/17/2007 - 15:11

This watch is a real beauty! Congrats...

If VC does one special model for the HL, it would be nice if it was with the Toledo style...