Just joined the family! My new Patrimony traditionnelle

Hi all

I am late to join the forum but have been reading it for months now. It is the best watch forum I have read so far.
I recently bought a Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle in Sept 2012 from a Singapore AD. My entry to the VC world! I was looking for my first dress watch and was comparing the VC to some  PP Calatrava (5127), Lange Saxonia and Breguet Classique (5177) and the VC Patrimony Traditionnelle manual wind spoke to me the most.

Sharing my wrist shot here (from my iPhone so not the best shot). Hope you guys like it.


Just joined the family! My new Patrimony traditionnelle
Re: Just joined the family! My new Patrimony traditionnelle
10/28/2012 - 07:23
Congrats Robin.  My personal preference lies more towards the sportier more modern VC watches , but there's no denying that is a gorgeous watch. Welcome from another relative newbie. Brent
A beautiful watch Robin! Congratulations
10/28/2012 - 09:14
And welcome to THL!  Your watch is a classic beauty and I love how the sub-seconds dial and markers look! But be warned, VCs are quite infectious - you are very likely to get more as time goes on, cheeky Best Regards, Dan
Seconds sub-dial is stunning...
10/28/2012 - 13:42
...so often they are placed by necessity right up against the centre of dial. As a result this watch has a beautiful sense of symmetry. Bill wrote a nice review of it a while back if you're interested in reading more, Robin. And welcome to the Lounge
Welcome to the lounge Robin. I am also drawn
10/28/2012 - 19:57
to the small seconds on this watch, it has so much character that it appears to me to be a true dial within a dial, something often done but not perfected. Leave it to V&C.  Best to all, Tim
You're in trouble Robin.....
10/28/2012 - 10:40
You'll want a 2nd VC soon :-) Welcome to the Lounge,mits good to have you with us.
Re: Just joined the family! My new Patrimony traditionnelle
10/28/2012 - 12:36
Thank you Dan, Brent and Alex for your welcome! Yes VCs are addictive! :)
Classic beauty
10/28/2012 - 16:45
Congratulations, a great choice from a list of tough competitors yes.
Great choice!
10/28/2012 - 18:08
I had a chance to handle and admire the Boutique version of this watch just this week. It is an amazing choice for a first or even only Vacheron, although I dislike the concept of having only one Vacheron.  wink  Of the watches you were considering, this is the one I would have chosen as well -- for me, the tougher competition would have come from within the Vacheron brand.  If you have a chance, please post some more photos.  The Patrimony Traditionelle boasts a particularly lovely profile, IMHO.  Enjoy your first VC.  There is nothing quite like the first one.  Best, Robert 
What a beasutriful watch, JR
10/28/2012 - 20:10
Congratulations! You have chosen wisely indeed Joseph
Robin,congratulations. I fell in love with this piece the
10/29/2012 - 12:59
moment the first pics appeared on THL in January 2009, just prior to SIHH. I bought one last year, also from Singapore, and like you, it is also my first VC. Actually the first VC I bought myself. And the temptation to buy the second VC is huge, and waiting for the day... It seems you choose the Patrimony over pretty tough competition. I would have done the same. Below is a pic of mine.
Re: Robin,congratulations. I fell in love with this piece the
10/29/2012 - 15:20
Thank you all for your kind words. I will post more pics when I have some time. Been working like crazy the past few weeks! Glad to find a community of fellow VC admirers here. Amongst my shortlist, alot of my friends kept saying I should have gotten the PP just because of the brand... I was initially more impressed with the PP 5127 and Breguet 5177 because of their more modern movements (free sprung, silicon, etc etc) and have no care for the PP brand (or Breguet's relative lack of brand image compared to PP). But... in the end, the VC (and Lange Saxonia for that matter)'s traditional approach to the movement won me over as I prefer traditional watch making (that's why I chose the Traditionelle!) and VC's history and dial looks compared to the Saxonia which was also a beauty but a bit more "serious" to me. Lange though beautifully made (Saxon style) just does not have enough of the history (uninterrupted especially), which VC has. So whilst Brand recognition (PP vs VC) is not so important to me, brand history and ability to integrate tradition to modern watch making is very important to me and hence I chose the VC in the end. The name "Patrimony" is also something I like alot. Patrimony to me means an inheritance of values, traditions, assets, etc from Father to son and suits me as I do intend to pass on my watches and my love of watches to my kids. I love this watch from design, to movement, to brand history to even the name of the series! cheers, robin
Well said! nt
10/31/2012 - 16:37
Re: Just joined the family! My new Patrimony traditionnelle
11/27/2015 - 07:30


I just post my first discussion about the power reserve of this watch. 

I got replies from Dan and KK, but don't know how to reply their replies.

Here is my question to you: how many winds do you have to do to achieve 60 hours reserve. Is there any resistence to winding? Dan said there is none but KK said he could feel it kicking it after about 100 windings.