Just received. Thanks Alex! (& Thanks VC)

Sorry for the quality of the pics

Just received. Thanks Alex! (& Thanks VC)

Just received. Thanks Alex! (& Thanks VC)

Glad you like it hope the watch wasn't delivered with the pouch :-)
07/17/2008 - 17:39


nice pouch! 1912 RG, Lin? ;-) nt
07/17/2008 - 18:00

You have excellent eyes Radek! (nt)
07/17/2008 - 18:13


still young eyes, especially for a beautiful VC ;-))) nt
07/17/2008 - 18:17

Wish you to often exercice them (nt)
07/17/2008 - 18:29


Congrats, mon amie!
07/17/2008 - 18:35

Not only for getting the pouch, but also for that nice 1912.

That watch really grows on you, and I really enjoy seeing it every time someone posts some pics (get the hint, Lin..).

I'd love to see some wrist shots just to get an idea of its size (feel free to post yours too Miki).

Anyway, do enjoy your new pouch.  I find it very convenient.  How about you Radek?

Thanks again to VC and Alex for coming up with these little games that make the Lounge much more fun than it already is.



My dear katzumi -wink :-) I know that Lin can act somewhat girly but
07/17/2008 - 19:03

in real life he is a man!  Amie means a female friend Ami (without the e) is a male friend

For my dear kazumi - without a "t" Alex....
07/17/2008 - 19:10

the T is a private joke with Kazumi regarging my taste in films! A few
07/17/2008 - 23:19

years ago when I was moderating on The Purists I erronously called spelt Kazumi with a T (Katzumi) a few times then a kind forum member ponted out that Katzumi was a French actress well known for the... um...underground naked kind of movie which can only be obtained on DVD! Which has a lot to say about my cinematographic references  

Merci, mon ami..
07/18/2008 - 02:42

Thank you very much for the quick response, Lin.

Ahh..I think it is the perfect size for your wrist.  I hope to get to see one in the metal one of these days.  I remember seeing streamers of the 1912 hanging around Geneva during our trip to SIHH, so it must be a significant historical design in that sense (like the Toledo 1952 and Les Historiques Chrono).

It is interesting that VC chose to have free-moving lugs, which is quite a rarity nowadays.  I hope you do not have people commenting on how nice your "Frank Muller" looks (unfortunately, nowadays Tonneau with exploding arabics=Frank Muller to most folks).

Thanks again.


It is easier to learn a language when motivated by the fairer sex...
07/18/2008 - 02:30

Thanks for the lesson, Alex.  I didn't know that.  Now you know that I am targeting the French ladies first...

At least now I can use "mon amie" if I ever bump into miss Katzumi (or was it Katsumi).

But I do know that Lin is a real (gentle)man.  A dapper dresser too, if I may add.



Re: Just received. Thanks Alex! (& Thanks VC)
07/17/2008 - 19:05

Felicitations, mon ami

C'est formidable!

Un petite chambre a coucher pour ta montre 1912


Re: Re: Just received. Thanks Alex! (& Thanks VC)
07/17/2008 - 19:12

En fait Joseph, ça peut être utilisé pour beaucoup d'autres choses

Bien sur!
07/17/2008 - 19:47


J'en ai un aussi et c'est tres utile, un vrai coffret a tresor!


Re: Just received. Thanks Alex! (& Thanks VC)
07/18/2008 - 18:11

Just received mine, again thanks to Alex and VC.

Have a great weekend all,


Re: Just received. Thanks Alex! (& Thanks VC)
07/21/2008 - 05:51

Bonsoir, mes amis,

J'attends a demain pour recevoir le mien.

Je suis tres excite de recevoir ce cadeau de Vacheron.

Ca a pris puis longtemps pour arriver aux Etats Units.

Merci beaucoup Alex and Vacheron pour votre generosite.



Je suis impréssionné par votre français! (nt)
07/21/2008 - 18:22