just saw this hilarious and so true

found these musings in the Recommended Threads posted by Alex and thought it would be great to share again.

1- A watch is an evil mechanical device which makes you spend more than you can afford on something you don’t need.

2- “My collection is complete, this is the very last watch I will EVER buy” is the watch collector’s favorite joke.

3- No you don’t need to buy a Malte Chronograph to go with the new shirt you just bought.

4- You don’t need to buy the whole set of Les Masques to celebrate independence day of Zwaziland…unless you are from Zwaziland.

5- On the net the watch one possesses is superior to anyone else’s watch: even though the two are the exact same watch.

6- On the net everyone else’s watch photos look better than yours.

7- A tourbillon is a device for turning your pockets inside out.

8- A Grand Complication is the situation in which you stand when you have to explain to your better half why the kids’ college money was spent on above mentioned tourbillon.

9- A split seconds chronograph times the interval between the moment you tell said better half about the tourbillon and the moment the frying pan smacks you right in the face.

10- A chronograph is a device used to time your attention span.

11- “Its cheaper to buy a watch than to have a mistress” is an excellent excuse if you find yourself in situation 8 above

12- A dual time watch indicates home time and office time.

13- A world timer is mostly used to learn names of cities which you don’t have the slightest idea where they are.

14- The seconds hand is always on a resting position, it only starts moving once you look at it and sometimes with a lag.

15- Chances that the brand’s whole strategy will be re-thought because your watch gains 7 seconds a day are low.

16- The ultra rare watch you have been looking for finally shows up and you buy it at a premium. Immediately after the market seems to be full of the same model substantially cheaper than what you paid for it.

17- Your most recent watch is the ne plus ultra in terms of movement and design. No one else’s can come close (unless they have the exact same model).
thanks for sharing again, it's a good way to start the weekend! (nt)
03/20/2009 - 15:50