Just wanted to say "Hello"...

As I have not worn a wristwatch for many years I was brought back onto the theme by writing a few articles about wristwatches for a German HighEnd Audio/Music/Lifestyle magazine I'm working on in my spare time. smiley
So since I found it quite pleasurable to wear something classy ...(plus some colleagues of mine always backbiting here and there about me not wearing a wristwatch...) I decided to give it a go and get me something with a certain style. And after looking around for a while, I found the VC Overseas. But as I'm not rich (I consider myself a middle class guy) I was backing off at first for the price tag. crying
Then fate struck - I found a used 42042 in very good condition for a reasonable price and just had to get it. So here I am... cool

Right now I'm considering an article on VC, especially the Overseas models. But that's up to the decision makers at VC as I'd need lots of informations plus an example of the "new era" Overseas models to wear for a while. Just for comparison issues... wink
Or do you think another model would be more of a "typical VC"?
Hello and welcome. Congratulations on your Overseas, please do
10/16/2012 - 19:27
share your watch and your writing skills and tell us what you think about it smiley
Re: Hello and welcome. Congratulations on your Overseas, please do
10/17/2012 - 14:34
Hello Alex, thanks for the welcome. I'll try to put up some pics soon. But be warned - I'm maybe the worst photographer on the planet. At least compared to some of the really nice pictures I've seen around here. blush As far as my writing skills go, well, our magazine is in German only. You may already noticed that my English is far from perfection... But anyway, I'll give it a try soon. These days I have to layout our next issue, so time is limited. By the way: Your article about the history of the VC Sports/Overseas models is a really nice read. Tough one to follow.
thanks for the kind words and hey your English is perfect ;-)
10/17/2012 - 19:21
Re: Hello and welcome. Congratulations on your Overseas, please do
11/22/2012 - 13:43
As I promised - here are a few words on my VC...not very elaborate, just a quick take on what happened.„My first VC“  How come? It all started when some colleagues of mine, all admirers/wearers of highclass wristwatches, began to lure me into writing an article about a not too costly watch made by RW. As I had not worn a wristwatch for a couple of years it took me some time to get accommodated to the thought. But finally it happened and I wrote the review (we produce a high end audio magazine also featuring music and some lifestyle elements – on an avocational basis so we do not have to make a living of it). You may already have gotten to the point: The bug had bitten. So I began scrambling around, looking for “my” watch.  Facts and ideas I’m not a big guy and so my wrist is rather small. This excludes everything above 42 mm diameter. Tried this once (a 44 mm watch owned by a friend of mine) – it looked simply terrible! Plus I can’t stand arabic numerals on a watch dial. Don’t ask me why. I just feel it isn’t right with me. So only roman numerals or simple indices would work for me. Dial colour? Well, should be dark – blue, grey, brown or black. Leather strap? No way! Should be heavy metal…which is also one of my favourite musical tastes. So without any further restrictions in thinking I looked around. A few watches caught my eye, including Omega DeVille, Zenith Espada, some JLC and GO models. But in the end, there were four remaining - the AP Royal Oak, the Girard Perregaux Laureato, IWC Ingenieur SL. And the VC Overseas.  Thinking and deciding It took me some time then to decide. Each of these four had something going for it. I was leaning towards the VC, but the decision was not yet made. My dream finally came into fruition when I saw an offer I could not refuse: The “old” VC Overseas with blue dial in great condition. So I checked my bank account and bought it (from Italy) through the internet after doing some research on the seller.  The watch It arrived within a few days after payment was made. The unpacking process was kind of, well, shall I say ‘nerve-racking’? It was a box in a box in a box… You get the picture? It started like this: then: Ooops - what's this? Just kidding - I'd taken this out before: This containing not just this but also... In the end the last box contained not only the original VC box and papers but also this beauty (sorry for my bad photographs – they definitely cannot do justice to the beauty of my 42042!) Finally, a wristshot:  Some time later The Overseas still works perfectly, losing about 1 to 2 seconds per day. It wears greatly – I love the bracelet with its refined locking mechanism. And the dial is wonderful in its simple, yet elegant style. But who am I talking to here… ;-)  If I had the money… There would be one more member of the Overseas family I’d love to own: The blue dial Chronograph. This darn bug…! ;-))
I love these step by step posts :-) thanks for
11/22/2012 - 14:11
sharing and may your OS time only happy moments .. You may  want to repost under a new thread as this one is now pretty old and not everyone will see it which would be a shame
Re: I love these step by step posts :-) thanks for
11/22/2012 - 14:36
Okay - I've done as you wished... wink Happy you liked it. I didn't have much time to create this one...
10/17/2012 - 04:15
Welcome to the Hour Lounge from a fellow OS owner.  I think you may be interested in this wonderful article detailing the evolution of VC Sports Watches:http://www.thehourlounge.com/thread/view/the-evolution-of-vacheron-constantin-sports-watches_34564_34564.html
Re: Welcome
10/17/2012 - 14:39
Hi Eric, thanks for the welcome. Just love how that blue dial integrates into the overall looks of the OS! Indeed I've read Alex' article with great interest. Seems to me this is a very knowledgeable community here. I'll try to keep up with the rest of you... wink Cheers, Wolfgang