At last ! I congratulate you my dear Alex!

Dear Vacheron Constantin,

Thank you for this opportunity, to have our "own" forum,

where we under Alex guidance and knowledge, can have a relaxed,

continously ongoing exchange of everything that concerns our "second love" !

I must say that this is a big moment for me as a collector,

to come so close to the House as possible,

and very well aware of that you already are following the discussions on other fora,

you of course will always be even more near at hand.

You have chosen the utmost expert and aficionado of them all,

Alex as moderator, and above that,

a very close friend to me!

You couldn't have made a better choice!

So once again, my dear Vacheron Constantin,

thank you for this elegant gesture,

and I do feel wellcome, and looks forward to many interesting postings to come :-)


Doc having you here makes me feel even more at home :-) What can I say
03/29/2007 - 18:22

other than lets have fun and thank you soooo much for your kind words