The Lazy Loungers.

I think if we should devide this forum, or cgat or blog or what it ias right now,
the most mebers would be in The Lazy Loungers (TLL).

I think it never had ben as low as it is right now.
OK, a lot about the Genva Visit, by some few,
really nothing revolutionary for the whole forum,
but enjoyable to us who were heartly receieved.

When I was not writing each and other day, it was an aoutcry about
that I was missing...

Alex I want you to make a top 20 list of the most posters.

For instance:
1. Alex      number of posts

Re: The Lazy Loungers.
02/21/2009 - 11:40
... to be coninued,  sorry I pressed the wrong button Doc  1530, Joseph 860, Radek 850, tick-talk.. etc etc. What's happening here now? After many nice pics from Geneva, which are most interesting to us who wrer there, to be honest, there are stories about single watches, I even tried writing a post about A.M. Cassandre, to change course, and latest post was (sorry) an old joke... but anyhow a try to brak the ice. I will not be writing in the future, just to fill empty room at this forum, and I beginning to get a bit bored about post like these, 'I got my new  watch', 'today it arrived', 'can someone tell me' and often not a pic, etc etc. Of course they should be there, but not only. To keep this Lounge going, everyone, I repeat, everyone, has to paticipate and grab themselves in the neck, sit down and write a post about some value. Could be of mainsprings, screws, crowns or explain why Panerai is a brand. A post is something readable for the all the other members, . A post is not a line in the choir, like,  'amazing, congrats.  (nt)',  ''very beauriful' (nt), ''I'm 100% with you' (nt), or 'have you thought of a blue strap?' etc. etc. This is vital for the lounge. Once again sorry I messed up with this post, of all Doc
Re: Re: The Lazy Loungers.
02/21/2009 - 12:55
Hi Doc, There is no doubt that you are an active and respected member of the Lounge but I think it is a bit unrealistic to always expect everyone to constantly participate here.  Let's face it, this is a hobby for most of us and we all need to engage in time management.  I do not know too many people, who always have time for their hobbies.  In fact, if I recall correctly, you have taken some time away from the Lounge to focus you attention on other matters.  Family, friends, work and all of the rest take up our rather limited amount of time. Also, there is always an ebb and flow to the level of activity at online communities.  I have witnessed this many times over the years and especially at the watch related fora.  Following the fairs, the activity always declines as the excitement fades. Over time, you will see the quality and quantity of posts pickup again and then you will have your fill of content and material here. Cheers, Duncan P.S. Does this post meet your criteria or is it just more screen filler?
I get your point and hope you get mine :-)
02/21/2009 - 18:17
It's like to be unable to see the wood for the trees! What I whish, is only that we tries to open our minds  Hej! Doc
Plus 1 [nt]
02/22/2009 - 05:02
Re: Re: The Lazy Loungers.
02/21/2009 - 18:38
Hi Doc, I highly respect your knowledge, passion and dedication to VC and the Lounge.  I love the brand and have never participated in a forum before discovering VC.  I visit the Lounge when I can to relax and see what's going on.  I am not as knowledgeable about horology as most people here, but I thoroughly enjoy reading, learning, and sharing the passion with others who feel the same way.  I'm sorry if you feel that I am a Lazy Lounger, but I do not believe it is realistic for VC's sponsored forum to require customers and fans to have a minimum level of expertise or participation in order to create "posts about some value" as you described.  I know that I'm not qualified to do so, would this mean that I am not welcome in the Lounge?  If this is the consensus of the members, please let me know now. Regards, Dan
02/21/2009 - 21:25
All are inclued, myself as well as others! It's about ourselves I'm writing, to get away from what I see after many years, as a participant, first of another forum and now, just a small tendency, of it at our beloved Lounge I also take the liberty to express my thoughts, and it's completely free, to anyone of you, to say what she or he thinks! That's the whole idea with a forum. Nothing is more dull, than when all agree! A forum per definition, in Latin, is 'people on the common marketplace'. A place to discuss all kind of different things, in this case of course, with main focus  on Vacheron Constantin. Apart from that Vacheron Constantin is my eyes and most of yours, I suppose, is the outstanding watchmaker, it consists mainly of the same parts, as all other mechanial watches. What I am pushing for is posts that differs from the mainstream, as I just did recently, as mentioned above, that has not with watches at all to do, but with history, and one very outstanding period, concerning the design. How does a Marine Chronometer work? Has VC made any true marine chronometer, with fusée? Which year did the least numbers of wtaches leave the factory, and which year was the most productive? There are 100's of subjects, but it take some time to make a post. First fresh up your knowledge, take photos and then put it together so it's readable. Just imagine the time Joseph has put on his post, about his 'one off a kind' watch On the other hand, that's an article that I'll first print out, and then sit down in a nice chair and enjoy. BTW, thanks again Joseph Hope you get what I mean, and I call upon you to speak Cheers Doc
02/22/2009 - 05:25
HI Doc, Thanks for clarifying things, I understand more about what you mean now.  In that context, I agree there is a wider scope of things that can be of interest to many, if not all, of us.  It will take some trial and error to see what "sticks" with the Loungers,  In which case your "call to arms" is hopefully well supported with posts of varying content. Regards, Dan
Good Doc !
02/23/2009 - 21:23
I obviously have done the right thing, even if I had whished for more feed back As our own Lounge climber says, 'I stirred the pot'. That's the aim with this post.I want all of us to think w i d e r !!I'm working on a little project, but I'll must have OK, before I can start it. What is good, is that from all corners comes that we are NOT a company owned forum, and by bringing more than V&C on the table, we can show that, even more, even if I don't think it's neccessary We are good forum, the best I belive , at least in visitors contra production of watches, but that was not the question, and the post got a bad presentation, since it was presented, beffore I had it worked through! Anyway everything has to change a bit over time, so do layout of magazines, books, TV & radio programs etc. Sometimes you have to add some new spices, to make to food taste better. Think positive and outside the box Carpe Diem Doc
Hello Loungers, I am just getting my head above water after a series
02/21/2009 - 23:19
of personal tragedies (the sudden and tragic loss of my Godfather) and of course rotten business climate. I do understand what Doc is expressing and his posts here struck a chord. Doc is a major contributor and has every right to voice his opinion and present frustration with what he is seeing on The Hour Lounge, even in my "down" state I found his rally cry tugging at my fingers to get some reasonable comments posted. Doc is many times the catalyst for interesting, informative, thought provoking and historical interplay on this Forum, something we all must admire and thank him for, even if we don't always agree--the nature of a great Forum. I do also understand that there are others, newer to the watch world, reluctant to post views that they feel others will look down on or may be very obvious to other members--this should not be the case and I urge all members to participate in whatever way they feel expresses their thoughts, feelings and needs to further their V&C understanding and passion. I will tell you first hand that as I look back at my posts on other Fora and The Hour Lounge, some of my posts were uniformed, crazy even and they have simply added to my "watch experience", a part of my life I cherish and would not trade. I also think when core issues come up, any group needs to go back to its roots and think about the purpose of the founders. I would like everyone to go back and read the first Article in the Articles  section of this forum by our own founder Mr. Juan-Carlos Torres, posted on 3/30/2007. The posting is elegantly simply, direct and the questions asked by our Moderator, Alex Ghotbi form the basis for this incredible place we all like to Lounge. With due respect to all involved, long live The Hour Lounge, Tim
Thanks Tim!
02/22/2009 - 02:47
Life is a serie of coincidences. Today, a very close friend since 1966, calmly passed away.  Never wiill I see his always smiling face, still he had a fine life, and was 81 years old, but it hurts... By coincidenece I also read the article you mention, yesterday, when I did some reearch for my post. I'm blushing over your to kindly words , but it's very nice to see that someone see them as well meant. By quoting Francois Constantin : ' continuing to do better if we can, which is always possible...', everything is summarized in one sentence My thoughts are with you Tim. Carpe Diem,  (for those who don't know the meaning, it's Latin and means roughly 'catch the day') Doc
Silence can be golden.
02/22/2009 - 07:35
First, thanks to all of you who post a lot. I enjoy your efforts very much. Second, if I don't have anything productive to say I try not to say anything. I don't want to clutter up an otherwise interesting discussion. I think many other "Lurker Loungers" have the same attitude. This is a good thing, as (unlike many fora) this forum is not congested by low-quality posts from posters whose egos exceed their knowledge. Third, at this time I am definitively priced out of the current Vacheron market. I am in the process of disposing of one of the two Vacherons I already own. I therefore to some degree lack standing to post. Fourth, I'm not superlatively pleased with what Vacheron is doing at this time, so if I made comments some of them would be "swimming against the current" here. Given the excellence of the forum and the superb hospitality of Alex and the other members, I really do not want to say anything that might be felt to be ungracious. In short, it's probably better for all if I enjoy the forum without trying to increase my posting count. Be careful what you wish for . . .
I would love to read your comments and on the contrary encourage
02/23/2009 - 11:32
having contrarian views.
Congratulations Doc...
02/22/2009 - 20:00
for stirring the pot! I've been away for a week but have a few posts planned.  It's amazing what you think of while trying to distract from a long hard slug up the mountains . Doc, your points are, as usual, well meant and helpful in bringing out the issues that we as a group should consider.  Two responses struck me as significant.  First, one indicated that a customer should not feel bound to participate in a company-sponsored forum.  Second, one felt restricted in expressing negative opinions in a company-sponsored forum.  Discussing these two points makes this entire topic worthwhile . If (big IF) this forum is considered to be a tool of Vacheron Constantin, then it will fail and postings will dribble off as people get tired of the cheerleading.  Everything I've seen till now does not support this.  Alex in his frequent dealings has been  honest and inclusive of the entire watchmaking community.  Mr. Torres, as pointed out, has declared the intentions of the forum to be a free discussion of all things good and bad about Vacheron.  I've griped a few times too . In other words, this is IMHO a participants forum, not a company forum.  Now, we as owners or fans of Vacheron (no distinction in my mind) may have a rabid Vacheron preference and need to be gentle with those that don't .  Even the occasional sexist and tasteless joke is tolerated , but that's a topic for another thread.
Re: Congratulations Doc...
02/23/2009 - 03:26
Hi Dean, I believe you were making reference to my post in regards to "a customer should not feel bound to participate in a company-sponsored forum".  What I said was "I do not believe it is realistic for VC's sponsored forum to require customers and fans to have a minimum level of expertise or participation in order to create 'posts about some value' as you described".  If I wasn't clear, I meant that all Vacheron customers and fans should be welcome to participate in any way they wish - whether it be: 1. a simple, cheerleading, post 2. an earnestly asked question 3. or one of deeper content The point is this forum, which no matter how much we personally love Alex and the rest of the Loungers, is a VC sponsored forum - and as such I believe would want it to be a place open to all that have an interest in the brand.  Alex is doing an absolutely terrific job at this - making it an open and comfortable place for all to hang out, observe and participate when they feel the desire to do so. I can appreciate "continuous improvement" in pretty much everything - including me and our Lounge, and maybe I interpreted the initial post incorrectly (to which Doc did add some clarification for me).  But when a request is made of listing who the top 20 posters are and determination of higher or lower value posts is made in order to divide the forum - then it gives me the sense of exclusion, not opening up.  Again Doc helped clarify his meaning in a subsequent post which made it easier for me to understand his thoughts.  My hope is that this post will do the same and help you better understand my thoughts on this. Best Regards, Dan
my dear Doc, your love for the Lounge is remarkable and I am
02/23/2009 - 11:26
proud and honored to have you I can understand your frustrations and sometimes I can get really frusrated as well and even worse I put a lot of preassure on myself wondering what I'm not doing right when posts and participation are low...but I think that's just how the internet goes. You can't have ONLY interesting posts and some periods are slower that others. I just wish more lurkers would come over and post because we have an impressive number of individial visitors per month but I guess the language problem can be an issue.
Dear Doc, I am a deliberate lazy Lounger...
02/23/2009 - 12:30
Sometimes I feel I have nothing important to say and prefer to keep silent. I do not want to be high-score Lounger. I rather tend to keep a quality of my posts but a lot of times I just post simple and uncomplicated messages thus I try not to overdo it. Also, as you rightly noticed it takes a lot of time to post valuable information as the research and photo-shooting are time-consuming... We all run on tight schedules... I do check in to the Lounge on a daily basis to see what's up but often I have no time to participate or simply do not find all of the posts of interest. I also feel the Lounge activity has slowed down recently and I myself suffer from it. I even started to think of a competition for the Loungers to stir things up. I might actually come up with it quite soon