Is Le Président Bling-Bling VCless??

I remember a forum member talking about Sarko's PP... I had no idea how he got it. From TheTimesOnline extract below you'll find out how. It makes me wonder if he has a VC or not!

"Where another Frenchman's romantic gesture might involve, say, an exquisitely tasteful love poem, the president's gift is a large heart-shaped, rose-coloured diamond engagement ring designed by Victoire de Castellane at Dior - the sort of bauble Victoria Beckham might covet. In return, she gave him a Patek Philippe wristwatch, to add to the Breguet, the Rolex and the other designer watches he owns, and insists on wearing outside his shirt cuffs."

Perhaps Mrs. Beckham doesn't have a VC either... Is Le Président Bling-Bling VCless??

best, Jaime

LOL there hasn't been so much talk about a watch since Clinton's
01/11/2008 - 22:29


Funnily rumor had it that Calra Bruni (for those who don't know her, she was a big shot top model and now a famed singer) had offered Sarkozy a VC.

I know Putin has a PP 3940 and supposedly he ordered a few Urwerk 103s as gifts.

I don't know of any head of state who has a VC...

just heard that former French president Chirac had a vintage VC and
01/14/2008 - 11:23

Poutine currently wears a Blancpain chrono.

to state the obvious...
01/14/2008 - 18:20

...I don't care what watch Srakozy is getting, he's a very lucky man!