leather strap care????

I think one of the most neglected watch component may be strap which makes watch wearableleather strap care????

How one can preserve beauty of strap?????  Often daily use marks leather strap. It got folds. How to avoid it, atleast reduce it

If you live in hot and humid weather conditions always
05/04/2008 - 13:08

wipe the inside of the strap with a lightly humid cloth as to remove the sweat. Never wet your strap.

I have never tried this but some say that rubbing the strap with some cream (hand cream for ex) once in a while can lengthen the life span of the strap.

Regarding the marking there is not much you can do other than use a deployant buckle.

I do not agree 100% with you Alex.
05/04/2008 - 18:09

You can, from time to time, wash softly the leather strap with soap and warm water (not overflooded), and then wipe it carefully afterwards.

Our favorite watchmaker advised it to me.

I hope I am not confusing, and that he didn't talk about something else...

Re: If you live in hot and humid weather conditions always
05/04/2008 - 22:46

If you live in humid conditions will a deployant help the strap to last? It will still get sweat soaked. I thought about getting a deployant for my Calendario 5135 but have heard the fit wasn't as comfrtable, and they sometime come open. Not all I'm sure but the size, shape of my watch plus the thickness of the strap may work against a deployant.

I'm not in humidity often though

oops sorry for the confusion, the deployant clasp solution was re
05/05/2008 - 00:33

the comment on avoiding the strap to mark from the different foldings and of course it applies generally under all climatic conditions .

I'm surprised about the comments on the P buckles as I have never heard any negative comments on them.

Washing is Hazardous to Your Strap's Health
05/04/2008 - 19:28

I've tried dozens of different techniques to rejuvinate leather straps and the sad story is that nothing works other than prevention!  Any wetting of the leather will tend to dry it out while creams and soaps change the color and add an unwelcome stiffness.  The more valuable the strap, i.e., croc, alligator and even lizard, the more delicate they seem to be.  Calf straps don't tend to deteriorate as fast.

So my secret now is to buy a generic replacement and put it on my frequently worn watches while safely storing the originals.

I live in a tropical country. Very humid temperature
05/05/2008 - 19:00

at 36C. I always see to it that I spend most of the time in an airconditioned place. But if will be out in the open most of the time I prefer not to wear watches with leather bracelets. That is how I care for my VC leather bracelets. Nothing much you can do really!