Lemania cal. 2320 (which is the base for VC cal. 1141) supplies to VC

So, the Swatch group is supposed to stop (or had already stopped) supplies of some high-grade movements to companies outside the group. This may also involve supplies of cal. 2320 chrono.

I understant that VC has a license to manufacture cal. 2320 which is the base for VC cal. 1141, which I suppose means that VC has equipment to manufacture this cal on its own premises. What is the scope of this arrangement: will VC continue to have access to this ebauche or will VC develop its own chrono movement?

How is PP affected by Swatch's group decision? I know PP developed its own chrono movement. Anyone knows what's the expert concensus on it relative to the Lemania ebauche?

Regarding the development of VC's inhouse chrono movement you should
08/27/2009 - 19:14
read the article above.  As far I know PP has a stock of these Lemania movements so they will continue using them while the stock lasts. Whereas for their inhouse chronomovement I can't really compare to the Lemania since it is an automatic. However I find that PP having a chronograph with only a continuous seconds hand is not what I would have expected from a brand such as PP
I'm not privy to specific info but VC will continue using the
08/28/2009 - 12:42
Lemania until its inhouse manual chrono movement is ready. I can't comment on the PP chrono movement but I don't think a comparaison would be easy as one is auto the other manual.