Less sale of watches?

There is reported that there is a slowdown in luxury watches.
No wonder.
But what is a luxury watch?
Of course for many people buying a mechanical watch,
is synonymous with a "luxury watch",
certainly is making a big hole in the wallet.

My simple question is,
which are these so called luxury watches?
I belive that a watch from Rolex, Omega, JLC etc,
for some few 1000's dollars, are incorporated in this "luxury watches".
But the watch presented here, for instance by our dear Francois,
or the chrongraph last presented by Joseph,
I think will not be affected, in the same way,
plainly because they are so exspensive anyhow,
that the buyer don't have to chose between something else or the watch.
I guess that VC makes a lot more money on more exspensive watches,
than they do on their cheapest, 
which really are none, to be honest, compared with the most watchmakers.

Also intersting to see the prices fetched by Antiquorum,
on the sold VC's on their last auction.
Well inside or above estimates Less sale of watches?

Just intersted of what you think my friends Less sale of watches?


I don't know how official this is but general consensus is that a
11/17/2008 - 16:33
luxury watch is anything over 5000 Swiss francs (which os about $4000 or €3000). VC's entry price is over double that (the steel Overseas model is I think approx $9000). I think in today's uncertain times the potential clients will not just consider the "luxury watch" category from a pricing perspective but rather of percieved value that's where in my opinion the old timers such as VC, PP and AP will probably suffer less as a client who buys a branded item may it be from Vacheron Constantin, Patek, Hermes or Vuitton buys an accumulation of historical values which create value. When you spend a certain amount of money for these products there is very often an emotional parameter linked to the item’s past and which in a certain manner comforts us in the acquisition by giving the item a particular credibility. Furthermore VC is not a volume producer thebrend makes 17,000-18,000 watches a year and there will always be enough demand for such a small production. Those who will suffer are the smaller brands who do not have the financial means to hold on tight during the tempest. As for the Geneva sales, up til now VC has done OK but there have been no really exceptional pieces up for sale, the real barometer will be tomorrow's Patrizzi auction IMHO.
Hi Alex, yes "The Return of Patrizzi",
11/17/2008 - 17:50
will be a thriller Doc
Re: Less sale of watches?
11/23/2008 - 02:17
Thanks for your interesting post and comments. I have already posted some information on the lounge regarding the slow down in watch sales as printed in the Wall Street Journal. As we hear more in the US, there may also be a correction in watch prices. Most brands have had heavy increases the past two years that may need to be peeled back to reignite sales. This of course is my humble opinion. Lastly, I understand that the stock prices of major watch companies have dropped quite significantly this year. We will be reading more on this topic in the coming months. Have a pleasant weekend. Regards, Matt