Looking for drink recipe

In a few days, my good buddy and I are heading out for our annual wilderness canoe trip.  One of our traditions is to bring a little alcoholic adventure drink for those chilly or rainy evenings (sometimes mornings too!).  The "swamp water" must be mixed from leftover bottles on-hand, so I would like to solicit recipes on delicious combinations of any of the following:

  • brandy
  • drambuie
  • Irish cream
  • Kahlua
  • Grand Marnier
  • vodka
  • light rum
  • Sambuca

LOL, the good scotch is staying at home devil.  Looking forward to your advice...

Looking for drink recipe

Aren't "Black Russians" = Kahlua + vodka?
07/28/2014 - 07:22

I would think mixing any of the "flavored" liquors (drambuie, Irish cream, Kahlua & Grand Marnier) + vodka would be fine.  I would try them with light rum as well. 

HAVE FUN! cool (I would need the sunglasses to hide my bloodshot eyes).

Thanks Dan
07/28/2014 - 16:17

the Black Russian sounds good, and should mix with coffee nicely yes

If you have cream, milk, or maybe use the Irish Cream
07/28/2014 - 18:34

you'll have a "White Russian", which I believe is officially = cream/milk + Kahlua + vodka smiley

It would appear you have the perfect stock for the classic...
07/28/2014 - 10:40


INGREDIENTS1/3 shot Bailey's Irish Cream1/3 shot Coffee Liqueur1/3 shot Grand Marnier METHODLayer the ingredients starting with the heaviest first: coffee liqueur, then the Baileys, and finally the Grand Marnier.

Presumably, anyone in its vicinity gets bombed?

Anyway, the caveat is that I have no first hand experience with this drink.  I am more of a beer guy, with some limited practical experience with simpler endeavors, like Scotch, bourbon, or a nice G&T. So this suggestion must be taken with the requisite grain of salt, or perhaps a rim of salt would be more apropos. 

Anyway, without the requisite tribal knowledge, I turned to a google search and came up with a few recommended sites.  This site proved helpful: http://www.makemeacocktail.com/mybar/

Enjoy your outing. It sounds like fun. Make sure your watch is waterproof. Sounds like it may be a wet one,

Sorry that the formatting was mangled - it was a cut and paste
07/28/2014 - 10:43

Perhaps manual line returns and formatting will work better?

The B-52


1/3 shot Bailey's Irish Cream

1/3 shot Coffee Liqueur

1/3 shot Grand Marnier


Layer the ingredients starting with the heaviest first: coffee liqueur, then the Baileys, and finally the Grand Marnier.

Will have to test this one
07/28/2014 - 16:20

The B-52 looks good, except the preparation part...won't be any fancy layering, or flambe either.  Just a quick but solemn recitation; "over the lips and past the gums, look out stomach 'cause here she comes" cheeky

No fancy layering for me either
07/28/2014 - 18:56

Plus, I would substitute the word "shot" with "cup" in the recipe. Seems like it'd make a nice sipper. Who takes shot glasses on a camping trip? This would be perfect straight from the canteen. 

Not to underestimate the ingenuity of campers
07/29/2014 - 00:24

for we carry collapsible wine glasses!  There are limits, even to "roughing it" wink.

am or pm......are you being served?
07/28/2014 - 22:47

Dean, I sense a serious problem...........the best advice I can muster is a drip-feed systemenlightened...........

This idea may not be any good but at least the service will be sublime and you'll feel you're heading in the right direction!

Taken twice a day (you'll need commitment!!) it will calm the waters and 'put the cherry on top of the cake!'

Have a lovely break and look forward to the Scotch you're keeping back at homeyes...

Ship Ahoy!


Love it, Tony
07/29/2014 - 00:21

drip-feed, perfect solution enlightened.  Thankfully the river has limited navigational challenges so I can leave the deck watch at home as well angel.  Cheers,

And the winner is...
07/29/2014 - 04:03

After exhaustive testing late into the night blush, I have mixed this year's "swamp water", which in the mixology books is called the Uftra (sorry, I haven't a clue what it means but suspect it's Gaelic); 3 parts Drambuie, 1 part Amaretto, 1 part Brandy heart.  See y'all in a week...

Well, my personal favorite in this category is . . .
07/30/2014 - 02:45

The Rusty Nail - 2/3 scotch, 1/3 Drambuie

Simple and effective.

A rusty nail get's polished-off...
07/31/2014 - 11:32

Mike, I couldn't resist trying your concoction. My Limbo-Dancing has improved immenselyenlightened...

Taken four times a day I've seen my pole vaulting technics go from strength to strengthlaugh...

I'm having a great day Mike, hopefully you are too!

Very best wishes


So glad you enjoyed it Tony!
08/04/2014 - 14:51

The Rusty Nail was my original apres ski drink in college. and I still enjoy them when the wheather truns cold.

Mike, it's my 2-1 favourite...
08/05/2014 - 11:10

So grateful for the tip! I've every confidence there's a new lease of life ahead of meenlightened...

Hope you're keeping well.