Looking for Vacheron info

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am looking for some information related to prcing for new and pre-owned
watches from Vacheron Constantin in US and Europe,
would be good also to have amature pictures of these watches,
number of watches made, specs.

your help will be appreciated.

thank you in advance
and kind regards


WOW where to begin? You can check the
11/19/2009 - 10:22
Articles section for photos on VC watches (especially the SIHH write ups where you can find photos of the novelties), if you have reference numbers or name of models use the search engine and you will also find photos. As for specs, you need to go on the VC web site but the brand does not give prodction numbers unless the piece is a limited edition. For prices, you can contact an AD (or VC head quarters) in the US and European country of your choice to obtain prices. You can also hang around here, there are lots of fun, knowledgable and passionate memers
Re: WOW where to begin? You can check the
11/20/2009 - 06:36
Glad to meet You, Alex. I need info for these watches 1) Vacheron Constantin Patrimony ref. 47070/000J-9084 2) Vacheron Constantin Patrimony ref. 47070/000J-9076 3) Vacheron Constantin Egerie ref. 25541/345G-9053 4) Vacheron Constantin Patrimony ref. 47650/000G-9112 4) Vacheron Constantin Malte ref. 30066/000P-8817 Thanks a lot in advance sincerely Shuhrat
Here are the photos
11/20/2009 - 12:15
Hommage aux Grands Explorateurs Magellan Zeng HeEgerie: I don't have real photosToledo 1952: If you use the search engine there are quite a few different scansMalte Tourbillon: I don't have scans of the platinum model but there are quite a few scans of the RG if you use the search engine.