Loooong Friday.

When I was young, this was a terrible day,

not meeting friends,

only boring music on radio,

it was the day that was the worst of the whole year.

Of course there were no Internet at that time,

but if,

it surely had been cloosed.

Nearly two years ago, 2005, April 3,

Antiquorum held it's amazing auction,

The Quarter of Millenium of Vacheron Constantin!

Imagine that another famous brand, which I don't want to mention here,

has to wait 82 years, to make an auction with the same title.

Then will Vacheron Constantin long ago passed, 300 years !

My wife and I, had the pleasure of participate at the auction,

together with about 1000 (!) other persons!

250 pieces, were carefully selected, during two years,

by a team of from Antiquorum and Vacheron Constantin.

I believe they had about 3 times the amount of watches to chose from,

as were presented at the auction.

But of course, the magic number of watches to be auctioned,

were 250 !

It was not one watch for every year, but the best the team could find,

and the ones best representing all the different stages,

of Vacheron&Constantin,

through the years.

I was lucky to leave the auction with one of them.

Loooong Friday.

Loooong Friday.

Loooong Friday.

Loooong Friday.

Vacheron & Constantin 1950.

Enjoy the Easter,

forget the Long Friday :-)


WOW 2 years already since the Quarter Millenium auction it
04/06/2007 - 16:13

was a fascinating experience seeing Patrizzi go on for almost 4 hours and the interaction with those present. It was the first time at an auction I saw more "spectators' than "participants". It is understandable...how many generations can boast having assisted a 250th anniversary event?

The only regret I have is that the sublime Esprit des cabinotiers clock was bought by a private party and not a museum. Which means that this wonderful piece will be available to select eyes only :-(

The 250th anniversary event was definately not a target but a new begining and when you will see what is awaiting us this year and the next your jaws will drop and eyes pop :-) The 252 year lady is getting more and more dynamic with age!

Fantastic watch Doc and while other's are having a nice long week end others like yours truly are stuck at the office!

Yes, isn't amazing!
04/06/2007 - 16:29

And it was the first time I met Dom !

And you and I, did meet in a street corner the day before!

I can't rember if we even met during the auction!

Talk about chaos :-)

When it comes to the piece,

I have another reaction than most,

I think it's good it came to a lucky owner!

Not a museum!

It was for sale and it was sold,

and if you or I had it on the desk...

Congrats to the lucky owner!


He seems to have them all :-)