lost certificate of authenticity

    Good evening everybody..
i have a question for anyone who can help me.. i have a Vacheron Constantin men-watch which used to be my father's. He had bought it i think in 2002. But now he has died and i can't find where he may has stored its certificate of authenticity.. so can anyone help me with the process that i have to do so i get a new certificate? (i ve read what the site says about this topic but i think some experience from you could help me more)

    thank you in advance my friends..Nick lost certificate of authenticity
I really can't see any other solution other than
08/13/2008 - 22:38
to send the watch to VC to obtain a COA
Re: lost certificate of authenticity
08/14/2008 - 00:25
I think Shady Joe is correct. You have to send it back to Switzerland. But the bonus is that in certifying the watch, they take it apart, check it and minor problems are fixed gratis. They clean it and you get back a very nice watch with your certificate. If there is anything major to be done, they usually inform you and give you a quote for the service. Joseph