Lost when arriving in Paris !!!

Hi, just to tell you that despite all precautions (UPS Express, executive, inssured, ....) this 1930 Verger Frères VC has been officially decalred lost today. *%§:%µ£¨*%/§ !!!!. Doc you understand that i am very disapointed.

Lost when arriving in Paris !!!

Lost when arriving in Paris !!!

Lost when arriving in Paris !!!

Best regards.


You mean it just disappeared between its entering the country and
03/18/2008 - 18:45


This is terrible....

Re: Lost when arriving in Paris !!!
03/18/2008 - 18:53

ohhhhhhh god

I can understand Patrice

Shipping watches always scares me...
03/18/2008 - 19:00

It's so easy for such a small but valuable item to disappear.  I always ship in a much larger box than required, hoping that the box will not fall behind a counter or into someone's pocket

Oh no, I guess insurance will pay you back but the problem
03/18/2008 - 19:09

would be finding another like this. 

Sorry to hear the bad news 

I remember that, I bid on it.
03/18/2008 - 21:18

It was months ago that it sold. In platinum if I remember correctly. Sorry to hear it's gone. Maybe it'll show up on eBay again!

Thats sad news, fortunately it's insured but
03/18/2008 - 22:29

The watch itself is almost irreplaceable. I have had 2 problems while shipping (years ago) and I changed to fedex since and have had no problems. Unfortunately this is hind sight and does nothing to help. Lets hope they find it.


Insurance questions
03/18/2008 - 23:23

I've been informed by FedEx and the postal service that they will not cover jewelry, watches included, for over $500.  I could by more insurance but once they are aware of the contents, the limit of coverage is $500.

Does anyone know a way around this?  How can one ship and fully insure our valuable treasures?

Re: Insurance questions
03/19/2008 - 02:33

That's true for Fedex. I don't know about the post office.

UPS does cover luxury items such as jewellery and watches, but I don't use them.

There have been a few instances reported on the Purists of watches "getting lost" while being shipped with UPS.

There is one outfit called Parcel Pro which will insure however you ship the item. The rates aren't exactly cheap and vary with the value of the item. I believe they have a website. But you can do a search. They are also a sponsor of Watchnet and there is a link there.


Use Brinks, forget about Fedex, UPS and DHL.
03/19/2008 - 11:59

In 1996/1997, I had a stupid client who sent diamonds and jewellery through Fedex from Hong Kong to Malaysia.  Goods were not declared. The diamonds and all jewellery were stolen while they were in Fedex possession.  The case was settled out of court.

I was told by a close friend that Brinks provides full coverage on the declared value and renders good services (apparently they hire armed guard).  It is a bit more expensive than others but you can sleep well while waiting for your watch to arrive at your doorstep.



I feel sick !
03/18/2008 - 23:30

I always thinks it's better sending watches by post !

If possible I always do.

I send them as certified mail.

It's cheap and always go in the post system,

and from one contry's post to another contry's post.

UPS, FedEX and whatever, use every kind of way to deliver.

Today I got an insured parcel, funny enough containing a watch,

from USA, and I know it was sent by FedEX, but it was delivered by the Swedish Post !

There is the problem with using these companies.

My advice is to use the Post.

Nearly all serious dealers I met in Germany and UK, use the Post.

I'm now waiting for a watch-chain in WG and enamel from the 30's,

to guess what watch.

The dealer is sending it by Post. He says he has sent over 1000 parcels,

by the English Post and never lost one !

Patrice my friend!

Though I'm not religious, yet, I promise I shall pray for you tonight.

True, honestly I shall


Re: I feel sick !
03/19/2008 - 02:40

Hi Doc,

The reason it got transferred to Swedish Post from Fedex is that your "little cabin" is  in the middle of nowhere and nobody could ever find it except the Swedish Post because you took them there to show them where it was!!

Otherwise they would be out searching for lost Fedex delivery trucks!

I too have received items and sent items by Post with excellent results although sometimes it takes a while. Nothing has ever been lost.

However, I depend on Fedex Overnight Priority for some items.

Best Wishes,


Get an explanation from your courier company first.
03/19/2008 - 01:40

Ask your courier company to trace at which point it was lost either while in their possession (then, possible negligence on their part and may be someone in the courier company is also the collector of vintage VC) or while with custom department.  You may contemplate to lodge a police report against the relevant party (not that police may help but it helps in your claim).

To me, money is inadequate compensation as you can't find the exact piece.

I still encourage you not to give up and put pressure on the relevant party that you find out who is responsible for it.  The watch just won't disappear in the air.




I agree with Ling, put the courier company to task...
03/19/2008 - 04:48

and get them to give you a better explanation of how this happened.

I truly feel for you and am extremely saddened that this terrible incident has befallen on you.


A real pity...
03/19/2008 - 01:55

no insurance refund can bring you back the watch itself and the story of your hunt for it...

now I pray my new little baby arrives by UPS from US safely. I already have the tracking #. it's supposed to be dispatched tomorrow...

Re: Lost when arriving in Paris !!!
03/19/2008 - 05:07

This is a real tragedy, Patrice, to lose such a beautiful and rare piece.

I'm afraid that I have to be a bit cynical and state what a few others may have been thinking...and that is that the watch was stolen by someone during its transit.

It wouldn't be the first time.

I really feel for you and I hope I'm wrong and it does turn up.

You might want to alert as many watch dealers as possible and possibly even the auction houses and high end antique dealers and even pawn shops, personally or by email in your areas about the watch in case someone tries to sell it.

I have had 2 watches stolen one of which was a VC Toledo, but they were never recovered. I hope your luck will be better than mine.

Best Wishes,


Thanks to all of you. (nt)
03/19/2008 - 13:03
Really sorry to hear that :'( (nt)
03/20/2008 - 10:14


OMG!!! crap.
03/23/2008 - 23:58

This really sucks. Getting something "lost" through customs or shippers themselves really sucks.

It isn't only the value, but losing an object like that, maybe forever....

That is the problem with shipping through customs and/or with insurance as the value of the object is actually written on the box!!!!

Within the US I use FedEx. They don't insure, but at least you know that people believe the value of the object is small, so it is actually safer...